Walk of Shame (2014)

Walk of Shame (2014)
  • Time: 95 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Steven Brill
  • Cast: Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs


Meghan Miles is a TV correspondent who works at a local Tv station. She gets an opportunity to work at a network. She goes home to celebrate with her boyfriend. Her friends show up to celebrate with her. But they find her despondent. It seems like her boyfriend left without saying good bye and the network is leaning towards someone else. Her friends convince her to go out and get drunk. They get her to put on a hot dress. She eventually gets so drunk that a guy offers to take her home but she prefers to go to his place. And she spends the night. When she wakes up she gets s call telling her that the network is reconsidering her so she has to go to work but her car was towed away and her wallet which in her purse is also in it. And she left her phone at the guy’s place. She then finds herself wandering around downtown LA and runs into drug dealers and people think she’s a hooker. So she has to find a way get to work. And even the police are after her.

One comment

  • Elizabeth Banks is one of my favorite actresses. She is so versatile and talented that she can portray extremely funny characters, such as the wildly sarcastic announcer in “Pitch Perfect”, as well as very serious dramatic roles. Unfortunately here, she’s in a film where the intended humor is way too inconsistent and often the movie falls into missing its’ mark with flat comedy, the lewd and crude, and even mean-spiritedness.

    Banks stars as Meghan Miles, an anchor for a local news station, in Los Angeles, who interviews for a national network spot. When she finds out from her producer that she narrowly missed out on the position, her friends take her out to a local club to help her forget. However, Meghan gets totally plastered, locks herself out of the club on the balcony, and is only saved when the club’s bartender Gordon (James Marsden) notices her and saves her.

    She ends up going to bed with Gordon, but when she wakes up she receives a message from her producer that the first choice of the national network had embarrassing social media posts and that Meghan will get the job if she can impress them with their visit to her next broadcast.

    What follows is a “night and day from hell” as Meghan ends up on the streets of L.A., after her car is towed, with no money and wearing a most provocative outfit. She’ll run into all kinds of characters and situations which, as mentioned, I thought only a few worked and were funny.

    One such very funny scene was when Meghan ends up in a gang crackhouse with Scrilla (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.), Hulk (Da’Vone McDonald) and Pookie (Alphonso McAuley) Other humorous scenes occurred when the “Frick and Frack” cops Dave and Walter, portrayed by Ethan Suplee and Bill Burr respectively, appeared on screen.

    I thought the above provided some good laughs but these type scenes occurred far too infrequently, in my opinion, so overall I would call this movie, written and directed by Steven Brill, a miss.

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