Valentine (2001)

Valentine (2001)
  • Time: 96 min
  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Director: Jamie Blanks
  • Cast: Marley Shelton, David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Katherine Heigl


Four Friends start to receive morbid valentine day cards. Someone out there is stalking them….someone they all spurned when they were younger. And Valentines Day 2001 is the Day she/he gets their revenge…

One comment

  • After looking for some sort of horror DVD to watch i found Valetine on sale at a cheap price and knowing little to nothing of the film i took it home and watched the film and was surprised by the film a lot.

    The film is about a group of women that are stalked and killed off by a man that could be the class geek they all turned down at a valentine party thirteen years previous, and now he seeks revenge picking them off one by one.

    Now from that you might be forced in to thinking that this is just the typical ‘Scream’ era hack & slash film with humor spread across the film and to be honest i was expecting the same but i found myself really liking the film and enjoying every moment.

    The film really sets its tone straight away with a death within the first ten minutes which i thought was great, and this wasn’t just a girl with the huge assets running round like a headless chicken she’s quite a smart girl but not enough to outsmart the killer.

    The acting is good but at times you sort of loose yourself with them as four of them are blonde and look very similar and so you find yourself asking wasn’t she killed or didn’t she just leave, but this is hardly going to ruin the film for you. Denise Richards is great but again she sort of tries to make the film her own as if it were a Denise Richards film when really its a shared effort.

    The story is a good idea and well executed on film but it repeats itself a few times too many times with the same sort of stalking in the house type thing and also pointless characters that need not be there. Two great examples are Detective Vaughn who it turns out has a crush on Denise Richards character???? and also Dorothy’s step mother who is younger than her and hate each other with a passion but they only meet in one scene nothing more happens between the two of them.

    The direction is good by Jamie Blanks who gave us ‘Urban Legend’ this film for me was a better film and i found myself rooting to find out who the killer was and i wasn’t disappointed, Blanks gives a good twist ending although not on par with what ‘Scream’ did the twist i’m sure will leave you a little amazed but also wondering if a sequel is on the cards.

    Overall this is a good bit of horror fluff that wont have you scared much at all as we’ve seen this stuff time and time again but this one has a story and in horror it’s hard to find that. With beautiful set pieces, great cinematography, and a good cast of characters and some great death scenes you really should pick this up just to have a look, that’s what i did and i enjoyed every minute of it.

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