Training Day (2001)

  • Time: 122 min
  • Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Scott Glenn, Tom Berenger


In a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, those who have sworn to uphold the law are breaking them to clean up the streets. Denzel Washington plays L.A.P.D. detective Alonzo Harris, a veteran narcotics officer whose methods of enforcing the law are questionable, if not corrupt. ‘Training Day’ follows Harris as he trains rookie Jake Hoyt over a 24-hour period. Ethical dilemmas arise for Hoyt as well as the audience as questions present themselves as to whether or not Harris’ methodology for ridding the streets of South Central Los Angeles of drugs is right or wrong.

One comment

  • “Training Day” is an awesome film with one of the most memorable character of the 2000 through 2009 decade.

    Alonzo is one of the best characters in recent memory and one of the best villains in movie history. He begins the film as a good guy, showing Jake the ropes. He quickly becomes questionable with his techniques that just don’t feel right. As the film goes on it is clear that Alonzo is very, very crooked and needs to be put in his place. There is a very memorable line from Alonzo during his drastic downfall, which is, “King Kong ain’t got s**t on me!” The way that Washington delivers that line during Alonzo’s monologue is magnificent.

    Beyond the fantastic villain character, “Training Day” has a great script. Yes, it is unlikely that all of this would take place in just one day if this was real life, but I firmly believe that that notion of reality can be stretched at times in cinema. There is little to be said on the plot, but it is just very well written and executed.

    Jake’s good natured personality is a good opposition towards Alonzo, but his character is left in the darkness next to the brilliance that is Alonzo.

    I highly recommend this film. It is a fun story with a very memorable character.

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