Titanic (1997)

Titanic (1997)
  • Time: 194 min
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Director: James Cameron
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane


84 years later, a 101-year-old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story to her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine, Bobby Buell and Anatoly Mikailavich on the Keldysh about her life set in April 10th 1912, on a ship called Titanic when young Rose boards the departing ship with the upper-class passengers and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater, and her fiancé, Caledon Hockley. Meanwhile, a drifter and artist named Jack Dawson and his best friend Fabrizio De Rossi win third-class tickets to the ship in a game. And she explains the whole story from departure until the death of Titanic on its first and last voyage April 15th, 1912 at 2:20 in the morning.

One review

  • James Cameron re-invents the epic big cast disaster films of the 70’s with grand style. To begin with as a Titanic buff since my early childhood I was astonished the first time I saw this film. The extreme accuracy and detail of the ship is extraordinary. The original shipbuilding firm Harland and Wolff participated in the construction of the sets and models used in the film. When you see this film you are seeing the Titanic as it was on sailing day.

    As for the story, both Dicaprio and Winslet provide excellent performances as Jack and Rose. Their star crossed story is deeply interwoven in the Titanic mythology that is both fact and legend. Through their experiences we are allowed to explore the Titanic in ways never presented on film. Many of the ship’s iconic locations are seen in the film and the recent Blu-ray edition brings the film into glorious high definition 1080hd format.

    Cameron’s excellent use of lighting, camera angles and visual effects allow us to feel almost there both visually and emotionally during the final phases of the film that come close in timing to the actual sinking. The film leaves us both sad and hopeful at the same time and few films provide us with such dual emotions.

    If you like love stories, this film is for you, if you have any interest in the Titanic or disaster movies then the film will appeal to those audiences as well. Most importantly it is a entertaining ride by one of the best film makers of this generation and I recommend anyone to give the film a try and judge for yourself.

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