They’re Watching (2016)

  • Time: 95 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror | Thriller
  • Director: Jay Lender, Micah Wright
  • Cast: Brigid Brannagh, Kris Lemche, Carrie Genzel


When an American home improvement TV show visits a remote Eastern European village, the young crew thinks the lack of mocha latt├ęs and free wifi will be the worst of their problems. But after their filming interrupts the superstitious villagers’ private religious ritual, the situation takes a turn for the homicidal… and when the blood starts flowing, that’s when things get really weird. With They’re Watching, noted graphic novelists and animators Micah Wright and Jay Lender turn a classic horror premise upside down to create a fresh, funny, eye-popping twist on the genre.

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