The Numbers Station (2013)

The Numbers Station (2013)
  • Time: 89 min
  • Genre: Action | Thriller
  • Director: Kasper Barfoed
  • Cast: John Cusack, Malin Åkerman, Liam Cunningham


When the moral values of a longtime wetwork black ops agent is tested during his last operation, he receives an unfavorable psych evaluation. Now he is given a break and a seemingly uncomplicated assignment of simply protecting the security of a young female code announcer, code resources and remote station they are assigned to. After an ambush and one phone call later, it becomes a complicated fight for their survival.

One comment

  • The Numbers Station had a very interesting plot with tons of potential. The problem was, the movie was actually very boring, I hated John Cusack’s take on his character, and the last 10% of the film was just stupid. Addressing each of those issues one-by-one, the bore factor was on the mediocre writing. The setting had the potential for an intense spy thriller but it was badly underutilized. As for Cusack, while I’m normally a fan of his, I didn’t like the direction they went with his character. I think a Jason Bourne type of personality would’ve came across better on the screen. Instead Cusack almost seemed just empty. While I imagine that’s what they were going for, it doesn’t make for a very good protagonist. Lastly, the ending was just weak. Without getting into spoilers, it just felt unrealistic and almost rushed. For a movie that went nowhere for way too long, everything wrapped up a bit too quickly. Overall this film had some potential but was poorly executed.

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