The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013)

The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013)
  • Time: 108 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Director: Fredrik Bond
  • Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, Mads Mikkelsen


When his late mother appears in a vision and tells him to go to Bucharest, Charlie immediately boards a plane across the Atlantic. But when he meets a fellow passenger, Charlie finds himself with another promise to fulfill. Charlie does so – and falls head over heels in love with Gabi, a beautiful musician. However, a vicious gangster has already laid claim to Gabi, and has no intention of letting her go. Determined to protect her, Charlie enters into the hallucinatory, Romanian underworld filled with violence and, strangely enough, love.

One comment

  • This film caught my attention to its well-done musical score from beginning to end. The film combines romance, comedy, crime, and drama altogether stunningly. The choice of Mads Mikkelsen as the villain character was great, same thing goes to the other secondary actors in their roles, but I can’t say the same thing about Shia LaBeouf’s performance as the lead character, Charlie Countryman. I felt as if he lacked a certain amount of character depth in his role, as if he was playing one of the characters from his other movies. For some reason it reminded me of Bee Vang’s performance as Thao in Gran Torino. Even though Shia’s role was a big downer for me, I enjoyed watching this film nonetheless. It’s worth watching if you like romantic dramas with a tint of comedy.

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