The Mexican (2001)

The Mexican (2001)
  • Time: 123 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Gore Verbinski
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, James Gandolfini


Jerry Welbach is given two ultimatums. His mob boss wants him to travel to Mexico to get a priceless antique pistol called “The Mexican” or he will suffer the consequences. The other ultimatum comes from his girlfriend Samantha, who wants him to end his association with the mob. Jerry figures that being alive, although in trouble with his girlfriend is the better alternative so he heads south of the border. Finding the pistol is easy but getting it home is a whole other matter. The pistol supposedly carries a curse – a curse Jerry is given every reason to believe, especially when Samantha is held hostage by the gay hit man Leroy to ensure the safe return of the pistol.


One comment

  • “The Mexican” may start off as a story about a valuable pistol known as The Mexican, but in reality it is a story about relationships, love, and forgiveness. Although the film stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, they have few scenes together. This is a good thing, because their characters, Jerry and Samantha, are at odds with each other during nearly every moment they share on screen.

    For most of the film, The Mexican seems like two movies running parallel. On one side, Jerry is trying to get, and keep, the pistol (which is surrounded with many different legends, all of which conflict with each other). On the other side, Samantha and Leroy are getting to know each other and find that you never really know a person at first glance.

    Brad Pitt has mastered the art of playing the not-quite-right-in-the-head character, and his performance in The Mexican is no exception. We feel sorry for Jerry, but we laugh at him too. I must admit that I am not normally a fan of Julia Roberts, however I did enjoy her performance in this film. The real unsung star of the film is Leroy. His character adds a dynamic that changes the film from being what you would expect out of a typical road film, to something much more enjoyable to watch.
    The negative point: even with a good cast and several good characters, I felt that this movie was too long and could have been cut down into a tighter film.
    Overall, this was an interesting film, but not great.

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