The Keeper (2004)

The Keeper (2004)
  • Time: 91 min
  • Genre: Crime | Thriller | Drama
  • Director: Paul Lynch
  • Cast: Dennis Hopper, Asia Argento, Helen Shaver


In Redwood County, the dancer Gina is attacked and her boyfriend is killed by a maniac in a motel. Gina is attended by Sergeant Burns and Lieutenant Krebs insists in giving a lift to her when she leaves the hospital. However, he kidnaps Gina and arrests her in a cell in the basement of his isolated house. The deranged policeman has a serious trauma from his childhood with dancers of night-clubs and establishes rules and punctuations for Gina while she is imprisoned. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Krebs is stalked by a local, Ruthie, who has a crush on him and wants to promote his amateurish puppet show with the character Deputy Rock, his alter-ego. Sgt. Burns is trying to find a clue where the missing Gina may be.

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