The Grey (2011)

The Grey (2011)
  • Time: 117 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama | Thriller
  • Director: Joe Carnahan
  • Cast: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Joe Anderson, Frank Grillo


In Alaska, a team of oil workers board a flight home; however, they cross a storm and the airplane crashes. Only seven workers survive in the wilderness and John Ottway, who is a huntsman that kills wolves to protect the workers, assumes leadership of the group. Shortly after they learn that they are surrounded by a pack of wolves and Ottway advises that they should seek protection in the woods. But while they walk through the heavy snow, they are chased and attacked by the carnivorous mammals.

One review

  • Joe Carnahan hasn’t had much success as of yet with his films, Smokin’ Aces was slated by critics and people alike, while The A-Team (which I personally enjoyed) didn’t make enough money to warrant a sequel, now comes The Grey, which to me personally is the worst film of them all. It’s predictable, unimaginative and just plain boring.

    It’s got a good concept and a great actor to lead the film in Liam Neeson (Unknown), however the supporting cast is unknown and quite clearly expendable. Without spoiling it for anyone who wishes to…
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