The Game (1997)

The Game (1997)
  • Time: 129 min
  • Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Director: David Fincher
  • Cast: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger


In honor of his birthday, San Francisco banker Nicholas Van Orton, a financial genius and a coldhearted loner, receives an unusual present from his younger brother, Conrad — a gift certificate to play a unique kind of game. In nary a nanosecond, Nicholas finds himself consumed by a dangerous set of ever-changing rules, unable to distinguish where the charade ends and reality begins.

One comment

  • David Fincher delivers, yet again. Those of you familiar to his work,(ex. Se7en, Fight Club,…) will undeniably love this crazy piece of celluliod. This film, so long as you have no prior knowledge of the plot, is one of the most intensely engaging cinematic experiences of the past quarter-century. The story is just real perfection, and with lot of mystery. The end is completely mysterious with many turnovers and surprises. From an acting standpoint, the only performance that really matters is Michael Douglas, everyone else is strictly supporting. Douglas is a master at playing cold, hard, ruthless businessmen, and Nicholas Van Orton is right up his alley. Sean Penn does a superb job playing his brother. Sit back and enjoy this masterpiece of a script! A must see…

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