The Fugitive (1993)

The Fugitive (1993)
  • Time: 130 min
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime
  • Director: Andrew Davis
  • Cast: Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeroen Krabbé, Julianne Moore


A well respected Chicago surgeon Dr. Richard Kimble has found out that his wife, Helen, has been murdered ferociously in her own home. The police found Kimble and accused him of the murder. Then, Kimble (without Justifiable Reason) was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. However, on the way to prison, Kimble’s transport crashed. Kimble escapes and is now on the run. Deputy Samuel Gerard from Chicago takes charge of the chase of Kimble. Meanwhile, Kimble makes up his own investigation to find who really killed his wife, and to lure Gerard and his team into it as well.

One comment

  • The Fugitive is a great movie based on the 1960s television series of the same name. The performances of both Tommy Lee Jones as Deputy Girard and Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble are great, but it is Jones who gives the best performance. He well-deservingly won the Best Supporting Actor for 1993 in the Academy Awards that year.

    Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly accused of murdering his wife. He is sent to jail, but when a security guard is stabbed and another one is unconscious, Kimble uses that chance to run away from the law. The great thing about this is that Kimble is not running away to be free, but he is running away to solve the crime. Tommy Lee Jones plays Deputy Samuel Girard who is trying to track down Kimble. He has one run-in with Kimble, but Kimble gets away.

    The movie is great, and in my opinion it is one of the best films of 1993. There are however a few things about this film which are ridiculous. First, when Kimble is driving the ambulance and Girard and his men are going after him and they trap him in a tunnel. Despite at least ten marshals going after Kimble, he manages to crawl into the sewer without one of them seeing him. Also, when Kimble is in the sewer and Girard and his men are going after him in the sewer and Girard finds him and has him trapped and Kimble jumps approximately 100 feet off of a dam and survives. I mean come on can this really happen? Also, when Kimble is walking up the street and a woman stops next to him and asks him if he wants a ride. Would you go up to a stranger and ask for a ride? These things are minor things and would not affect your viewing on the film, but these are things that you stop and ask yourself can this really happen? This is a great movie and if you have never seen this movie and are fans of Ford and Jones or action films I encourage you to check out.

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