The Edge (1997)

The Edge (1997)
  • Time: 117 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama | Thriller
  • Director: Lee Tamahori
  • Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Harold Perrineau Jr.


A plane crash in the freezing Alaskan wilderness pits intellectual billionaire Charles Morse against self-satisfied fashion photographer Robert Green in a brutal struggle for survival. Each soon discovers that the greatest danger resides not in nature, but from human fear, treachery, and quite possibly murder.

One comment

  • “The Edge” lived up to my expectations, overall a very action packed adventure. Antony Hopkins played well with his character being an intellect,with great knowledge. When you watch the film,you can see the intensity of what the actors had to go through, or at least, that is what it seemed. The story is the typical survival story, with Mammet’s writing talents layered in. The movie becomes less about the bear that is chasing them, and less about survival, and more about the dark side of human nature and the best side. This leads to an ending that was unexpectedly powerful for a movie like this. The scenery was also very good, and I recommend anyone seeing the movie just for that!

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