The Change-Up (2011)

The Change-Up (2011)
  • Time: 112 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: David Dobkin
  • Cast: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde

Growing up together, Mitch and Dave were inseparable best friends, but as the years have passed they’ve slowly drifted apart. While Dave is an overworked lawyer, husband and father of three, Mitch has remained a single, quasi-employed man-child who has never met a responsibility he liked. Following a drunken night out together, Mitch and Dave’s worlds are turned upside down when they wake up in each other’s bodies. Despite the freedom from their normal routines and habits, the guys soon discover that each other’s lives are nowhere near as rosy as they once seemed.

One comment

  • There is nothing original about “The Change-Up”. In fact, I think the storyline has been done more than any other, and certainly more than it should. The first half of this movie was slow and didn’t show much promise. Fortunately, the movie did get better with the second half being much stronger. The acting performances of Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde were pretty good, but this flick certainly wasn’t any of these actor’s best work. It’s not for everyone’s taste. If you can leave your brain at the door, you could enjoy this movie. Overall, “The Change-Up” is a well rounded film based on a good narrative idea, but lacks the laughs to be a true comedy film.

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