The Boat That Rocked (2009)

The Boat That Rocked (2009)
  • Time: 135 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music
  • Director: Richard Curtis
  • Cast: Tom Sturridge, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost


In the mid 1960s, the BBC plays little pop music. To the ire of conservative elements of the UK government, a pirate radio station operates on a ship off the coast, capturing half the English audience. Fatherless young Carl, thrown out of school for smoking, is remanded by his elegant mother to the ship, where colorful men – and a lesbian – run the station. Every two weeks women come on board; he falls for the station manager’s niece. There’s a feud for DJ primacy between an expat Yank and an English god; the midnight DJ says little, the early A.M. jock rarely appears, and back on shore, a government minister is implacable. Can he sink the ship and silence rock and roll?

One comment

  • Splendid film set in a very believable 1960s. A pirate radio station situated on a boat run by a group of fairly eccentric characters all with very unique yet familiar in everyday personalities.

    The plot is designed in a fairly typical way: A young man son of a friend of the boat’s ‘leader’, arrives after being expelled from school to reform his life.

    Where we are led through the movie getting familiarized with all the characters and their relaxed fun life style on the boat, raging from holidays to how they run the station to their love lives. Then the problem begins when a certain politician wants them to shutdown.

    The film has a lot of charm to it. Filled with light potty/sex humor giving it a comedic effect all the time. Wonderful outfits making it very visually attractive, and various profound stories inside the main plot adding an existential vibe leaving you with a smile.

    All of this acclimated by rock n roll hit songs from the 60s appealing even more to its conjuration.

    While many think that playing eccentric characters is difficult, this wonderful cast managed to portray their part in a non-exaggerated manner making it seem so natural.

    I highly recommend this film for those of you who like their comedy films with a little more to them then just laughs.

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