The Astronaut Farmer (2006)

The Astronaut Farmer (2006)
  • Time: 104 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Director: Michael Polish
  • Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen, Max Thieriot


Texan Charles Farmer left the Air Force as a young man to save the family ranch when his dad died. Like most American ranchers, he owes his bank. Unlike most, he’s an astrophysicist with a rocket in his barn – one he’s built and wants to take into space. It’s his dream. The FBI puts him under surveillance when he tries to buy rocket fuel; the FAA stalls him when he files a flight plan.

One comment

  • The movie started out slow, but I got into it quickly enough. The story is hardly believable and sometimes sad. “The Astronaut Farmer” is a great movie and it’s hardly ever boring because you’re always waiting to see what Charlie Farmer (Billy Bob Thornton) is going to do next. I thought the acting was pretty well done, and the story was too.

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