That Awkward Moment (2014)

That Awkward Moment (2014)
  • Time: 89 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Director: Tom Gormican
  • Cast: Zac Efron, Imogen Poots, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan


Flings turn serious for three bachelors who swore to stay single in support of a heartbroken pal. Now the harder each of them try to cover up their commitments, the more complicated their love lives become. Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Imogen Poots star.


  • This film tells the story of three buddies who navigate their ways through meaningful and disposable relationships.

    “That Awkward Moment” is marketed as a comedy, but I didn’t find it funny. It starts off a little funny and entertaining, when the three friends take a pill then hell breaks loose. After that, the film goes downhill. There are lots of tedious conversations, and the interactions between the three friends are juvenile most of the time. The plot is just not funny or sweet, which are requirements of romantic comedies. It’s not hilarious and outrageous enough to be a raunchy comedy either. It’s in fact boring to watch. It had promise to code a raunchy comedy, but it tries to hard to portray the male bonding and courtship rituals to the point of being annoying and tiresome.

  • That Awkward Moment 2/10- I was not excited to see this movie at all. This was the only movie I haven’t seen and I knew I had to see one. I was at least hoping to be surprised considering my expectations could not have been lower. Taking into account how low my expectations were, I wasn’t surprised or disappointed. The only thing I would like to shine a spotlight on is Miles Teller who definitely showed decent acting ability.

    The performances in a romantic comedy can never be that good considering the movie does not demand much from its actors. Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan give performances that people would expect from them and nothing more. It is obvious that none of them knew much about comedy and no doubt memorized all of the jokes that they had to say. Having said that, the jokes that they did were pretty funny, but a real comedic actor could make them even funnier.

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  • That Awkward Moment is the latest romantic comedy to hit theaters this winter. Yes it does venture into gross out territory with the tired old adage of toilet humor and penis jokes, but I would still categorize it as well, a romantic comedy. Its got a sloppy screenplay that seems all over the place, but it’s fresher and it feels more original than your typical film of this genre. For one, it is told from the guy’s point of view thereby throwing the female characters to the wayside. And second, the story although jumbled and branching off into too many tangents, still allows things to deepen. I like the background music which sort of feels like you’re trapped in the 80’s (you know, John Hughes style), I like the female romantic interests not because of their looks but because of their spirit and their soul, and furthermore, I think the cast as a whole, does decent work (I’ve never thought of Zac Efron as being much of an actor but he emotes well here).

    So why can’t I recommend this thing? Simple, it’s the screenplay mentioned earlier, which makes the actors contradictory, hypocritical, and almost virtually unlikable. The movie in general is about relationships. However, you as the viewer, aren’t able to figure out whether the main (male) leads in “Moment,” want to really be in them or not. They don’t mean what they say and on the flip side, surely don’t say what they mean. Let’s just say that what’s on screen is the movie equivalent of a world class sprinter who sprangs his/her ankle right before reaching the finish line. To put it mildly, disappointing and unfortunate would be the words I would use.

    Starting with an opening lukewarm flashback sequence in the first five minutes and harboring a male (you heard me) character who drowns out his break-up sorrows with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, That Awkward Moment depicts three best friends (they used to go to college together) living in downtown Manhattan. Two of them design magazine/book covers (Jason played by Zac Efron and Daniel played by fast talking, Vince Vaughn clone Miles Teller) while the other works as a doctor (nice guy Mikey played Michael B. Jordan). When one of them finds out that he is getting divorced from his wife, all three of them decide to make a pact to become single together (of course within 10 minutes they deviate from this plan which brings me to the main reason why I didn’t embrace the fallen proceedings).

    Almost everyone in frame seems to at one time or another, say something relatively fake or phony (if you decide to watch this flick, pay attention, you’ll see what I mean). First time director (and screenwriter) Tom Gormican, along with fumbling much of the dialogue, adds the word “idiot” a lot (the script supervisor could be to blame on that one). He gets his characters to say it at least 2-3 times to each other (they also use the term “f ‘ing” idiot as well).

    Then we go back to the unlikability factor involving these three man-child frat boys. With the exception of Jordan’s Mikey which seems to be the only person in the film you could maybe root for, he is still guilty by association for hanging out with his two other knucklehead (not to mention snide and selfishly jerkish) best friends. These two don’t have a whole lot of respect for women even though they seem to be well liked by them. And although Teller and Efron are sufficient in their roles, you sense that in the end, their characters frankly, don’t deserve to be with anybody.

    Now the month of January as we all know, is littered with Oscar holdovers and the opposite being lousy, wretched movies. That Awkward Moment doesn’t fall into the Oscar pile but it’s not as bad as the latter. Its got decent acting, a few funny moments, and a rare, fresh take on the oddities of the romcom (told almost completely from the male point of view). However, it gets a so-so review from me. The actors rise above the jumbled screenplay but it’s not enough. Also, “Moment” leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth because of its weak, flashback induced ending. It then feels the need to annoy you with tired, reheated outtakes to sit through right as the closing credits come up. Overall, as a date movie that is suppose to ring in the new year, That Awkward Moment is full of “moments” that sadly equal mixed results.

    Rating: 2.5 out of 4 stars

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  • “We’ll use a coupon and get him a cheap hooker.”

    Occasionally I feel like watching a comedy. I don’t even mind if there’s some romance in it. A movie to watch while lying down on a cozy seat in a lazy relaxing way, with a ridiculous big bowl of popcorn on your bulging belly,hoping that it’ll be flung off while viewing the selected comedy. The more the bowl rolls of your belly, the better the movie. That’s a sign that there’s quite a lot to laugh about. In “The Awkward Moment” you can be sure that the bowl only leaves a circular print on your stomach,because there’s not much to laugh about in it. And I doubt whether the level of romance is high enough to call this a romantic comedy. Or romance means to you : having someone who you are dangling an artificial carrot in front of when it’s about your relation and in the meantime maintain some nice looking members of the female sex on the sideline.

    Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller) and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) are three close friends from New York. One day Mikey tells them the news that his wife Vera (Jessica Lucas) was waiting at home for him with a lawyer and coolly announced that she wants a divorce. The lawyer is also the guy she has an affair with and the one she’s leaving him for. The three make an agreement to remain single forever and just go on with the art of conquering female beauty. Jason is the one with the least problem with that, since this is his life’s motto anyway, and he claims that a relationship comes to an end, as soon as the partner starts asking questions about where their relationship is actually going to. It turns out that they aren’t really able to keep up this promise and they start to jump through hoops just to keep it hidden for the partners in crime.

    So it’s clearly a totally predictable, used several times and all but funny subject. Most scenes were far from hilarious, let alone funny and gave me repeatedly vicarious shame. Or you are of a certain age and you wish you’d be in such a situation. And you also love toilet humor. You would laugh about the endless remarks about someone taking a crap, colored penises and sometimes vulgar sexist banal humor. In any case it didn’t impress me. I couldn’t even smile about it.

    There were also some appalling unreal situations. The fact that Jason runs away in panic after the first night with Ellie (Imogen Poots), who by the way has a nose that could be used as an over sized coat rack, because he saw evidence from which he could conclude that she could be a prostitute, is one thing. But he can explain the whole matter afterwards to Ellie and still get away with it. That sounds really unlikely to me. “Oh yeah, I saw an envelope with money and those boots next to the bed. I was sure you were a hooker. Isn’t that funny ? Hahahaha. What a hilarious situation …. “. I am sure that most women would give you a big smack with their super massive Gucci handbag after hearing this miserable excuse so it leaves a crocodile motif on your face for weeks. And the fact that Mikey’s wife starts messing around because he’s not spontaneous enough, is in a way understandable. But it’s amazing how quickly she changes her tack after being jumped on by him in the hospital. Later she admits that she no longer loves him and is still seeing the lawyer while Mikey had the impression that he was saving his marriage. You could see that coming from afar. Apparently Mikey isn’t such a spontaneous sports freak in bed afterall.

    There was only one funny moment because of a simple misunderstanding. That’s when Jason appears on Ellie’s party in a fairly compromising outfit. The biggest part of this movie is filled with irritating drivel, childish one-liners which humorous content is nil, straight dumb sex and ongoing consumption of alcoholic beverages. A future womanizer and Casanova could make use of this flick to bring his seduction techniques to perfection and make notes of the empty idle flattery and smooth talks. There were quite a few awkward moments for me in “The awkward moment”.

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