Tears of the Sun (2003)

Tears of the Sun (2003)
  • Time: 121 min
  • Genre: Action | Drama | Thriller
  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Cast: Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci, Cole Hauser


Navy SEAL Lieutenant A.K. Waters and his elite squadron of tactical specialists are forced to choose between their duty and their humanity, between following orders by ignoring the conflict that surrounds them, or finding the courage to follow their conscience and protect a group of innocent refugees. When the democratic government of Nigeria collapses and the country is taken over by a ruthless military dictator, Waters, a fiercely loyal and hardened veteran is dispatched on a routine mission to retrieve a Doctors Without Borders physician.

One comment

  • There will always be war, anytime anyplace. Yet there’s no clear oppressor or regime to fight against, although there are ideologies and to some extent, ethnic cleansing; the likes of which are seen in some parts of Europe and Africa. But the real point is why humans kill each other? Unfortunately, there are no easy answers.

    And that is what the main point in Tears of the Sun, directed with precision by Antoine Fuqua. This is one of Bruce Willis’s best action movies but it has an underlying message about going against authority in order to achieve the greater good; however perilous and uncertain it may be against overwhelming odds. Unlike Blackhawk Down (which I also happen to like) which has quick cuts and unstable camera angles, TOTS has action scenes that are easy to follow and above all, make the film more watchable and understandable. The special effects are impressive, showing the brutal carnage of war, extremely gory yes, but never at the expense of the film itself. The only gripe I have is Monica Bellucci. Her performance is not bad, but “serviceable”. But the unknown African actors are more believable and convincing alongside Bruce and co minus Bellucci.

    I think Tears of the Sun deserves more credit than it has received. Surely, the latter is more popular among moviegoers but if you want an action/war movie that’s a little more on the surface, then I see why not you should check TOTS. It’s an engrossing, brutal tragedy whose conflicts can be seen and felt around the world.

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