Swing Vote (2008)

Swing Vote (2008)
  • Time: 120 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
  • Director: Joshua Michael Stern
  • Cast: Kevin Costner, Paula Patton, Dennis Hopper, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci


November, 2004, New Mexico. Bud is a slacker with one good thing in his life, his engaging fifth-grade daughter Molly. On election day, Bud is supposed to meet her at the polling place. When he doesn’t show, she sneaks a ballot and is about to vote when the power goes off. It turns out that New Mexico’s electoral votes will decide the contest, and there it’s tied with one vote needing recasting – Bud’s. The world’s media and both presidential candidates, including the current President, descend on Bud in anticipation of his re-vote in two weeks. Can the clueless Bud, even with the help of Molly and a local TV reporter, handle this responsibility?

One comment

  • Swing Vote is an inspiring drama with some humor thanks due to the great performances by Kevin Costner and most of the cast some aren’t given much to do but they make the best of their limited screen time. Director Joshua Michael Stern has done an admirable job of making this movie thats a story about an ordinary guy whose one vote will decide the next President Of The United States. Costner turns in a very believable performance as Bud Johnson a lazy beer slinging father whose one bright light in his mundane existence is his daughter Molly. Madeline Carroll who plays Molly is just as impressive she more than holds her own against Costner on the screen. They both have good chemistry together which made their father and daughter relationship believable. Costner and Carroll also brought much comic relief to the film as his character who starts off a nobody becomes an overnight celebrity because somehow his one vote will decide the next president. The supporting cast are admirable in their roles too including Paula Patton, Kelsey Grammar, Dennis Hopper, Nathan Lane, and Stanley Tucci. Some of them don’t have much to do and aren’t given a lot screen time because most of the focus is on Costner and his daughter but they still are effective supporting characters. George Lopez and Judge Reinhold even show up for brief appearances who are humorous in their roles but they like some other characters lack screen time. All of them however do bring some comic relief to the movie (like Costner and Carroll) because of things some of them are willing to do to get that one vote from Costner’s character. The pacing of the movie was a little slow but once things started to get going it moved at a steady pace from there. Despite some flaws with character development and the pacing Swing Vote was still much better than expected. I thought I wasn’t going to like this movie and I ended up enjoying it. Swing Vote may not be a masterpiece or class but it’s still an above average comedy drama with terrific performances by most of the cast who make it an enjoyable film to watch.

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