Starred Up (2013)

Starred Up (2013)
  • Time: 100 min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: David Mackenzie
  • Cast: Jack O’Connell, Rupert Friend, Ben Mendelsohn


The unsociable and brutal nineteen year old Eric Love is transferred from an young offender institution to an adult prison because of his violence. On the arrival, the voluntary therapist Oliver Baumer invites Eric to participate in his group of therapy. However Eric meets his missing father Neville Love that is the henchman of the prison leader Dennis Spencer. Neville tries to control Eric and affects his participation in the therapy. Meanwhile the Deputy Governor Hayes does not believe in Baumer’s treatment and gives one chance only to Eric to improve his behavior.

One comment

  • That Eric (Jack O’Connell) is an angry young man is self-evident before he utters a single word. Roughly handsome with savage instincts that quickly manifest into violent outbursts, the 19-year-old has been “starred up,” a practice by which the British prison system moves dangerous juvenile offenders to an adult prison.

    Eric is certainly a dangerous animal and one familiar with violence and incarceration. He goes through his processing with a calm swagger and, within minutes of settling into his single cell, fashions a weapon out of a razor blade and a toothbrush. After he brutally attacks a fellow inmate, he anticipates the subsequent retaliation of the prison guards: he greases himself down, breaks off two legs from his desk, and takes them on. Even when they do manage to cuff and subdue him, he latches on to one of the guard’s privates with his teeth, keeping them clamped down until gradually convinced to let go. Eric may be the youngest in this ward of high-risk offenders but he is just as jail-smart.

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