Shaft (2000)

Shaft (2000)
  • Time: 99 min
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Director: John Singleton
  • Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Christian Bale, Jeffrey Wright, Vanessa Williams, Toni Collette


Cool and deadly NYPD detective John Shaft arrests Walter Wade, Jr. in a racially-motivated slaying. The eye witness disappears, Wade jumps bail for Switzerland, and Shaft is livid. Two years later, Wade returns to face trial, confident his father’s money and influence (and racial politics) guarantee an innocent verdict. Shaft looks hard for the witness, so Wade wants someone to kill her. He turns to a ghetto drug king, Peoples Hernandez, who’s willing to kill for money, use Wade as a route to rich drug customers, and shaft Shaft. Can Shaft find the witness, convince her to testify, and shepherd her through the hail of bullets that Peoples is sure to let fly?

One comment

  • I can tell by his performances in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown that Jackson is a good actor. And although he tries his best he is unable to give Shaft a good story.

    He stars as the lead detective and with his quick wit, sharp dialogue and racist jokes he captures the spirit of the infamous black icon perfectly.

    The problem throughout is Jackson’s supporting actors and mostly the story.

    I have no idea why Busta Rhymes was chosen because he simply cannot act and Jeffery Wright is unable to pull off a decent performance which downgraded me liking for him which was a shame because I thought he starred well in Ali.

    The story is the main problem. Even though it is brilliant in capturing the crime genre perfectly the story never gets itself off the ground, is slow, inconsistent, predictable, unfunny when it tries to be but more than not it is sheer Boredom.

    The beginning engaged me and had me interested right from the off but after the murder scene was finished it became increasingly dull.

    It has no interest to it, the stories contained have probably all been done before and therefore lacks something interesting for the audience.

    Captures the crime genre well and Jackson does his best but it is a disappointment and not really worth watching. If you like crime and racist jokes then I recommend it but its not the best one around, watch Bad Boys or Pulp Fiction 6/10

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