Rush (2013)

Rush (2013)
  • Time: 123 min
  • Genre: Action | Biography | Drama
  • Director: Ron Howard
  • Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Alexandra Maria Lara


Set against the sexy, glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing in the 1970s, the film is based on the true story of a great sporting rivalry between handsome English playboy James Hunt (Hemsworth), and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Bruhl). The story follows their distinctly different personal styles on and off the track, their loves and the astonishing 1976 season in which both drivers were willing to risk everything to become world champion in a sport with no margin for error: if you make a mistake, you die.


  • This movie is fantastic. It turned out better than I thought it would and not as cheesy. I find stories about two different opposing forces that has the equal tenacity and drive colliding with each other to be awesome. In this case, one is the wild card, a charger that relies on his senses. And the other is the more disciplined one, the brain that relies on his calculations and instincts. Although the bad blood aspect of this film might not be real. There is just way more tension if you don’t do research on the outcome, before watching this movie. Also this is a bit of a cheap shot, but Chris Hemsworth basically plays Thor with no powers in this. Daniel Brühl was just awesome as Nikki Lauda. Overall this is one of the top rivalry films I have seen.

  • 75.RUSH(ENGLISH,2013),|Sports|Action|Biography|,Dir:-Ron Howard,*ing:-Daniel Brühl, Chris Hemsworth

    Rush-I am sure this is one of the most anticipated movie of the year for so many like me.Yes,I was expecting this movie when I heard about the movie plot.I missed it in theaters.So my next choice was to watch it from torrent downloads.At last a decent print came out.I had very bad cam prints with me before that.Anyways,I watched the movie at last.The good news was that I wasn’t disappointed a bit watching the movie.The movie was racy,thrilling,adrenaline pumping and to the peak it was excellent.For a noceur like me this movie filled all my night with two plus hours of watching.

    Now coming to the movie,this movie is about the legendary rival between the greats of F1 racing,Nikki Lauda,the Austrian and James Hunt,the English.Their rivalry was well celebrated by the medias of 70’s.their rivalry was very special.This movie peeps into the actual relation between the great drivers ever produced in F1 racing due to their extremes in character.Both Lauda and James were from the top families in their respective countries.But both of them were not provided help by their families to realize their biggest dream-to be the world champion of the speed.So they came into the arena by their own terms..In terms of character,Lauda was professional,a sharp automobile engineer and a man who cared about personal relations.He always calculated what he was going to achieve through his deeds.He even said that he could afford a 20 % risk in terms of risk he could afford in racing circuits.He loved a woman and married her lately and always wanted to be her.In short,Lauda made his decisions on behalf of his brains.But james Hunt on the other side was extremely different.He was a playboy to describe him in short.He had women all over his life.He enjoyed his life.He enjoyed his success and was desperate in his loses.He always cared for him.thus,even his married life was a nightmare.James Hunt was a man who followed his heart rather than brains.

    Their rivalry started during their F3 circuit when a dangerous move from Hunt made Lauda be on the losing side.This continued to the F1 circuit where Lauda became the world champion in the first year.this made James Hunt angry and decided to win the next season.But that season was followed up by winnings for Lauda at start.Can James Hunt bounce back and realize his dream?Sorry.this is not the rest of the story.The story is much more deep than we think.Rather than their rivalry they had a strong bond between them which was known only to them.They might be enemies.But they couldn’t afford anyone between them.Thus it was a celebrated rivalry that medias brought to us.But the movie speaks more of their personal relations.Even when one had a bad time,the other felt bad on that and they tried to compliment each other in their own way.There was no much element of surprise in this movie if we watch the movie after reading what had happened.But the way the actors enacted it,it was amazing at least for me.

    Now with the crew,with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl (Goodbye Lenin) as Nikki Lauda,the characters were in right hands.Nothing to speak about the ace director Ron Howard(A beautiful Mind,Cinderella man,Da Vinci Code etc) to be the captain of the ship with Hans Zimmer’s music was the anchorman.The crew was amazing .This movie didn’t give me a single minute of boredom while watching.Watch the movie full.Hope many of you like it.Since,this movie was up to my hopes,I rate it as a 9/10!!

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  • Hey Everyone,

    This year is starting off pretty well for me considering the movies I’ve seen lately. I’m getting to see some of the best movies from 2013. The one we will be reviewing today is Rush.


    The story of Rush is based on the rivalry of former Formula 1 drivers: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. At the beginning of the movie neither of them can be called successful. James is a drunkard party animal who’s trying to get a name for himself in Formula 3. He’s a playboy, getting laid every night, not taking life too seriously. Despite his shortcomings, he’s the fan favorite, and everyone can agree that he does have a sort of charm to him. He’s the man that lives life to its fullest, living every day like it would be his last.

    Niki Lauda on the other hand is a genius, but personality wise quite the opposite of James Hunt. He’s a rather closed character. Niki Lauda decides early on that the path of his family isn’t the one that he wants to follow in life. He gets into a fight with his father who wants him to become a lawyer or a politician, something that’s worthy of the family name. Niki Lauda promises his father that one day, he’ll be a famous driver, but because of his father not supporting him in his endeavour, he won’t share any of his fame with his family. Niki Lauda isn’t really a people person. His charm comes from his commitment; he is persistent, and won’t give up until he sees what he has dreamed come to reality.

    As you can probably see, off the track, these guys weren’t likely to become best pals. In the case of Rush, the whole movie will revolve around their love for Racing, and how these absolutely opposite characters are motivated by entirely different things, and where their mindset finds common ground.

    What’s Bad About Rush?

    Well yeah, as always, there are a couple of things that I think Rush could have done better. One, and perhaps the grandest of these, are the side characters in this movie. They are meaningless and empty. I understand that they wanted to concentrate on the main characters, and they are in fact done fabulously. But let me ask you, why in the world would Niki Lauda’s wife love him? There isn’t even a single part in the movie where they connect, she stays by him until the very end nonetheless.

    The same can be said about Olivia Wilde and many other characters who we know are great actors, but either because of the lack of screen time, or because of the poor dialogue, they just don’t feel as important to the story as they undoubtedly were in real life. I think that the movie could have been much better if these characters are more developed. Still, I have to say that the story still feels real, but making these characters would have meant that the viewers becomes much more involved and engaged in the movie.

    What’s Good About Rush?

    First off, this won’t make anyone like me more, but here it is: I’m not a big fan of Formula 1. On the other hand, I can definitely understand why others are, and why this movie appeals to them so much. Racing in Formula one, in my opinion is a lifestyle choice– They live in the present, each time any of the racer’s minds swoop to the future or the past, they risk losing everything. An error in calculation and you’re history. There are only a handful of things that can lead these people to this lifestyle: egotism, and the addiction they develop to the adrenaline rush they get when they race, hence the name of the movie. In the movie, there’s is actually an occasion where James narrates us through his thoughts and says you have to be mad to be a racer. I completely agree, but in this world, you either aim to be the best, or you’re never reach your potential.

    What Makes it Outstanding?

    Although I wouldn’t call Rush revolutionary, it does stand out, it really does. Why? Like, I’ve said earlier, this movie is about rivalry. Well, that’s not exactly true, it’s not the only thing its about. This movie is about transcending rivalry, and has an absolutely fantastic message about how even two completely different people can find things to love and respect about one another. It isn’t a fairy tale either. This had really happened, and it will spark many thoughts in your head after you finished watching it. Definitely go for it if you can. Watch it with friends or family, I think everyone can find something in this movie they’ll like. I’d highly recommend Rush for everyone.

    Rating: (9.0): A definite treat for everyone

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  • “Rush” is about friendship, marriage, attaining goals and perseverance. I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the movie. Never a dull moment! The characters are fully formed, the plot is purposefully driven and the script is nicely punctuated with recurring humour and clearly developed acts that move the story forwards while retaining a sense of it’s self. Apart from gangster flicks and war-dramas, high octane action sequences are not the norm for bio-pics. This one kicks up your adrenaline from frame one. Those race sequences are just amazing and lifelike and dialogs are sharp and succinct. Cinematography puts you in the driver seat and Bruhl as Lauda and Hemsworth as Hunt are chalk and cheese. I think the fact it is based on a true story also makes it more interesting and I think that is partly why I enjoyed it so much, it is very factual to what really happened and the story of James and Niki’s friendship is also really nicely executed. You absolutely must see this movie. One of the best racing and friendship movies of all time.

  • I’m not very keen on Formula 1, so the news of a biopic about the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt didn’t strike a nerve. When the trailer for the movie appeared, I was even less eager to watch the actual movie since the trailer wasn’t particularly good. Eventually, I did see Rush in a full theater on a Saturday night, and absolutely no one in the audience talked throughout the movie. It seemed that everyone, myself included, was amazed by the movie and enthralled by the story. Rush turned out for me to be one of this year’s biggest surprise and, for now, one of the best movies of the year.

    Rush follows two very different Formula 1 drivers. One is the charming British partyboy/playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), and the other is the determined Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). As the voice over – from Lauda’s point of view – early in the movie says, he’s most famously known for two things – the first being his rivalry with James Hunt and the second being his nearly fatal accident in which his face got severely burned. The movie gives us a little backstory about those men, about their backgrounds, personas and family life, and then spends the remaining time depicting the events that happened in the 1976 Formula 1 season.

    The best thing about Rush is that it doesn’t have any major flaws – it’s just a very good movie, as simple as that. Rush is a two men show: Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl make this movie, no other actors or characters other than them are really important to the story. The casting of Hemsworth and Brühl in their respective roles was genius, not only because they look like their real life counterparts, but they feel very natural in their roles and portray their characters with ease. Of course, one may argue that their roles weren’t extremely difficult to play, but they do it so believably and smoothly that I think at least one of them may get an Academy Award nomination – if not even both of them. I do hope that this movie introduces Brühl to the mainstream audience some more, since he is a talented actor and it would be great to see him in more mainstream movies.

    As for the plot of the movie movie itself, I was somewhat suspicious – can a rivalry between two sports figures be fascinating enough for a two-hour-long movie? Fortunately, I was once again taken by surprise. The story depicted in the movie was rather dramatic, inspiring and engaging – it was intriguing to watch two completely different men approach the same dangerous topic (or should I say problem?) of formula racing. So, yes, there is more than enough drama to fill the length of a two-hour movie. Interestingly, the only thing that’s lacking in this sport biopic are the scenes of actual sport – there aren’t much racing scenes. Those scenes are used selectively and to push drama forward, never to replace the actual drama. And when they were in the movie, you could see they were magnificently shot, with the just right amount of shaky cam. I would expect nothing less than technical perfection from an experienced director like Ron Howard. The soundtrack in the movie was also good – most of it was composed by the great Hans Zimmer. All in all, Rush is a truly excellent movie about an entertaining story and it features brilliant people who know how to do their job.

    Rating: 9/10

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  • The movie is setup in 70’s and shows career paths of two rival F1 racers.

    Plot –
    The plot is almost all based on real events that occurred in F1 arena in 70’s. Infact, the movie is more of a biography, which is beautifully presented by director ‘Ron Howard’

    Screenplay –
    Screenplay is intense, it never wanders off from the main story and keep users on the edge of their seat till the very last scene; with an exception of hardly 1 or 2 scenes of-course

    Direction –
    Ron Howard has already proved his brilliance with movies like ‘A beautiful mind’ and ‘Da Vinci Code’. However, this will is one of his master pieces where the visuals are complimenting the plot in each and every scene.

    Performances –
    Chris Hemsworth has acted brilliantly as per his character. But stealing the show in this one is ‘Daniel Bruhl’; a standing ovation for him. There is not much room for any other characters in this one.

    Overall this is a brilliant drama/thriller which will soak the audience from first till the very last scene. A must watch specially for boys. Race lovers will have a gala time watching this.

    Rating – 4.5/5

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