Redirected (2014)

Redirected (2014)
  • Time: 99 min
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Emilis Velyvis
  • Cast: Vinnie Jones, Oliver Jackson, Scot Williams, Gil Darnell


Four friends – John, Ben, Tim and Michael – turned first-time robbers, get stranded in Eastern Europe through a series of misadventures and have to find their way back home. To do so, they’ll have to overcome hit men, whores, corrupt cops, smugglers and more, all while rediscovering each other as friends.

One comment

  • I thought I was watching “Snatch” again! You take anything that Guy Ritchie is known for including actors, pigs, bets, music, slang words, gippos, money, robberies, chases, fights, silly characters, etc… and that’s exactly what you get. I have checked several times if Guy Ritchie had anything to do with this movie, but every page keeps telling me he hasn’t.

    If you liked “Snatch” or “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels”, you will like this, because it’s pretty much the same. But it does not feel fresh anymore, and it’s just not as good. The characters are similar but they lack the punch to really fall in love with them. Take Vinnie Jones for instance. As a hit man in snatch, he was brilliant, but as the main man here, he doesn’t have enough charisma. In my eyes, he is miles away from being as great as Brick Top in Snatch. And let’s face it, none of the Lithuanian gypsies are as funny as Brad Pitt as a pikey.

    I still enjoyed it though, but I don’t think it deserves a rating of more than 8 points. It is far too high for a movie that has all the ingredients taken from other productions…

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