Primeval (2007)

Primeval (2007)
  • Time: 93 min
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Horror
  • Director: Michael Katleman
  • Cast: Brooke Langton, Orlando Jones, Dominic Purcell


TV show star reporter Tim Manfrey and his cameraman Steven Johnson travel to Burundi to get sensational footage of a giant crococilian monster which attacked a UN identification team and the Tutsi-Hutu tribal civil war carnage mass grave corpses it was digging up in a Great Lakes marsh area. But it turns out danger also lurks in the armed form of a local war lord.

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  • Sandcooler

    The legend of Gustave is pretty fascinating, mainly because Gustave is such an unnatural creature. Crocodiles don’t just bite people and leave them for the heck of it, and they certainly don’t kill more than 300 humans in one lifetime. The vast majority never even kills one. Where does he come from all of a sudden? So you have material for a great movie, but “Primeval” never really figures out exactly what it wants to be. It’s not really a creature feature, because Gustave is a secondary villain at best. Half of the movie is devoted to fleeing from a local rebel leader, but the two plots never really gel together. The movie also tries to be smarter than it looks by adding some social commentary: that’s fine when you have your bases covered, but first try to get the basics right. However, I can’t really say this is not an entertaining film. The CGI crocodile looks pretty good, the obligatory black sidekick has some decent throwaway lines and the twist at the end genuinely surprised me. I was just hoping they would do more backstory on Gustave, for a movie based on a true story this is all surprisingly generic.

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