Oliver Twist (2005)

  • Time: 130 min
  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Director: Roman Polanski
  • Cast: Barney Clark, Ben Kingsley, Jamie Foreman, Jeremy Swift


In the Nineteenth Century, orphan Oliver Twist is sent from the orphanage to a workhouse, where the children are mistreated and barely fed. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe spank, he starts a seven day runaway to London. He arrives exhausted and starving, and is soon welcomed in a gang of pickpockets lead by the old crook Fagin. When he is mistakenly taken as a thief, the wealthy victim Mr. Brownlow brings Oliver to his home and shelters him. But Fagin and the dangerous Bill Sykes decide to kidnap Oliver to burglarize Mr. Brownlow’s fancy house.

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