National Security (2003)

National Security (2003)
  • Time: 88 min
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Dennis Dugan
  • Cast: Martin Lawrence, Steve Zahn, Bill Duke


Earl and Hank have only one thing in common: they’re both L.A.P.D. rejects. One just got kicked out, the other can’t even get in. After confronting each other on opposite sides of the law during a traffic stop that escalates out of control, these two luckless individuals end up partnered as lowly security guards. Despite being damned to the lowest rung of the law enforcement ladder, Earl and Hank uncover a sophisticated smuggling operation led by Nash and his band of thugs. When Earl and Hank get their hands on some hot property, they go on the run from, first the bad guys, then the L.A.P.D.–led by Lt. Washington and Detective McDuff. What these two unlikely partners do to law enforcement is a crime, but they just might save the day. That is, if they don’t kill each other first.

One comment

  • National Security is directed by American comedy regular Dennis Dugan, and this was before he directed some truly @#%#ing crap movies (“I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” and “The Benchwarmers” were two latter comedies he should undoubtedly regret making.) The result is his funniest film I’ve seen, and Martin Lawrence always makes me laugh anyway.

    The story begins with a cop, Hank (played by Steve Zahn, from Sahara) who is sent to jail for half a year, rid of his job and girlfriend while still under stress from the death of his partner because of Earl (Martin Lawrence from Big Momma’s House)’s annoying attitude leading to a confusion of Hank beating Earl with a baton. Half a year later their paths cross again as security guards, and both must work together to bring down the people who killed Hank’s former partner. What follows is shootouts, explosions and rapid fire gags as the two try not to kill each other. Of course, you could never call National Security a great film, but it’s not trying to be. What the film is attempting to do is deliver hilarious gags and a good time. And it succeeds in both areas.

    It’s a fun film to watch, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good laugh. As the trailer foretells, it’s a buddy comedy, without the buddies.

    Also look out for Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) with blond hair, a strange sight to see!


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