Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)
  • Time: 120 min
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Doug Liman
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Vince Vaughn


John and Jane Smith are a couple who have been married for 6 years and things appear to be normal. But it also appears that things are changing — they are seeing a marriage counselor. And what neither of them know is that they are professional assassins. However, they are both assigned by their employers to kill the same person. When they each try to take out the target, they get in each other’s way and blow the job. Now they are told to go after the person who made them miss the target. And when they learn about each other, they try to take each other out.

One comment

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars Brad Pitt, John, and Angelina Jolie as Jane. Jane and John meet in Colombia on a mission, where they quickly fell in love and got married. Now, in a boring five or six year marriage, John and Jane are going to counseling. Little did this married couple know that they were both assassins hired by two different jobs to kill each other. Their quiet work life was getting between their marriage, causing a rift between them. Every night before John came home from work, Jane had some sort of scheming plan to kill her husband. Jane and John both had secret compartments throughout the house where they kept their guns and plans.

    One night they two realized they were still in love, but also figured out that they were trying to kill each other. Jane and John got into a brawl, shooting at one another, causing the house to be in shambles. John and Jane succumb to their love for each other after having guns pointed to each other’s heads. John laid his gun down, leaving Jane weak and realizing she cannot shoot him either. John and Jane join together to fight for their marriage.

    The lighting in the film was very important to me. I noticed that any time the Smiths were home, the lighting outside was dark. The darkness outside usually cued for an action scene, where when it was light outside, the scenes were calmer and the Smiths were going on with their daily routine. The darkness showed me that the untrustworthy relationship was being shown and the brighter lighting showed the Smiths succumbing to their love. The angles of the movie all depended on the action scenes. The director made sure to give the audience the possible angle to get the most out of the scene. The audience was able to watch the bullets fly and the wrestling throughout the movie in the most vivid way because of the way the camera was angled during the shooting of the film. When it comes down quoting ‘untrustworthy relationships,’ I liked one Jane said when she and John were fighting in the house. She and John were shooting at each other and Jane shot at the wall that John was behind saying “…still alive, baby?”

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