Moonstruck (1987)

Moonstruck (1987)
  • Time: 102 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Director: Norman Jewison
  • Cast: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Vincent Gardenia


Loretta Castorini, a book keeper from Brooklyn, New York, finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry (the best friend of her late husband who died seven years previously).

One comment

  • This was a pleasant surprise and real oddity – a story about an excitable modern-day Italian family (the “Castorini” family) – with very little bad language. Amazing! Not just because of the situations but because it’s 1980s Hollywood. It’s still not one of those “fun for the whole family movies” as affairs and other sexual escapades are going on, but overall I thought it was a pretty nice story.

    Now, I did question the loyalty when a woman (Cher), the first time she meets her finance’s brother (Nicolas Cage), goes to bed with him! (At least she winds up marrying him. Then, later in the movie, the father (Vincent Gardenia) of this Castorini family is having an affair and his wife (Olympia Dukakis) finds out about it. She simply tells him, “Don’t see her anymore,” and that’s the end of that. Whether he did or not, who knows, but I guess that says something for forgiveness.

    Anyway, for a movie labeled “cute” by a number of people, it’s a too liberal on social issues but what movie in Hollywood the past half century isn’t? The lack of profanity helped make up for questionable morals here and there. I enjoyed the Italian flavor in this film. You really get a sense of Italian family atmosphere in here.

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