Miami Vice (2006)

Miami Vice (2006)
  • Time: 134 min
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
  • Director: Michael Mann
  • Cast: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Li Gong


When an informer, his family and two FBI agents are killed by an international gang of drug dealers, Detectives James ‘Sonny’ Crockett and Ricardo ‘Rico’ Tubbs are assigned to work undercover for the FBI in a joint operation to disclose which agency leaked the information to the criminals. They plot a scheme to approach with their team of agents to the manager José Yero and later to the druglord Arcángel de Jesús Montoya. Along the mission, Sonny meets the accountant, investor and mistress of Montoya, Isabella, and after a romantic affair, they fall in love for each other, blurring his professional commitment with his personal feelings.


One comment

  • Whooooeeeee, this is one mish-mash of a movie.

    First of, the Miami Vice TV series had such a following when it originally aired that any updated movie version was going to get a lot of attention, from both fans who saw the original series when it aired (a young me), and new fans who are in on that whole 80’s retrospective thing going on right now. So there is an expectancy from the audience of what this movie will be like, but it turns out it’s nothing like the TV series.

    The original Crockett & Tubbs had a cocky charm about them, they knew they were good but weren’t overt about it. Farell & Foxx on the other hand just have cockiness, like they’re too cool for school and know it and want to rub your face in it. Farell’s accent is also off, this deep gravely macho sound to match his porno face fluff. I mean it’s just not right for the character.

    The whole undercover drug smuggling plot is Miami Vice, but not done in a Miami Vice style. It’s more of a James Bond-esq kinda thing, with lots of exotic locations, I mean they don’t actually spend a lot of time in Miami, rather Cuba & Columbia. The story keeps you engaged, but more out of curiosity rather than an interest in the characters themselves.

    The story revolves around an FBI undercover agent trying to get in with drug runners being exposed and killed, and Crockett & Tubbs go undercover themselves to find out who is leaking the information. However, it soon turns into them trying to get the big Columbian drug baron. The problem is we’re supposed to believe that they are putting their lives at more and more risk the deeper they go, but keep on going because they have this inherent need to do good, but the way Farell and Foxx come off in their acting and how they perform these characters, you don’t view them as cops or do gooders, and hence you just don’t believe they would expose themselves to such dangers, they’d rather be in a club with the ladies, you don’t believe they’d do this for a love of the job, there’s no incentive for them.

    The love story between Farell & Gong Li is weird too, you can tell it must of been written as these two just lusting after each other, but the on screen chemistry is such that it doesn’t work, and the whole catching a boat to Havana just for a Mojito come on is clichéd and laughable.

    As for the direction, this is where Mann must of been on drugs. It just doesn’t work. This movie is 2 hours, I’d say 45 minutes of which is actual scenes with dialog and driving the story forward, with the rest devoted to scenes with no dialog but a song (I can only assume they really wanted to promote the soundtrack for this movie) and lots of hand-held shots, mostly close-ups of hands and necks. It’s just weird, you cut between shots using pro- cameras, and shots with little hand-held DVs and the way it’s done doesn’t work, it’s jarring. The photography is great, but the visual style is what’s off. I imagine the production must’ve been beset by problems too, because a lot of the dialog has clearly been dubbed over later.

    This is just not what you think it will be, it’s Miami Vice in it’s bare form, it’s Crockett & Tubbs, but not as we know them or want them and most disappointingly, it’s a Michael Mann film in name but not in nature, and therefore not a movie I would recommend.

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