Memento (2000)

Memento (2000)
  • Time: 113 min
  • Genre: Mystery | Thriller
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • Cast: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano


A memory inside a memory, Memento is a complicated head spinning adventure. Leonard is determined to avenge his wife’s murder. However, unable to remember anything that happens day-to-day due to a condition he sustained, short term memory loss, he has to write himself note after note that still don’t mean anything after he falls asleep. The film goes back in time to reveal each little bit of the puzzle as he tries to find out the person who killed his wife and makes the audience feel just as confused as he is. The narrative closely follows a phone call Pearce has in which he talks about Sammy Jankis a former client of his who he believed had the same condition. The film takes an unexpected twist as the two characters have a lot more in common than is initially put across.


One comment

  • Christopher Nolan is one of the most creative directors in Hollywood. His movie, Memento proves it. It is a great movie that is presented in non- traditional way that would make the viewer appreciate it even more as compared to other great films.

    Memento is a psychological thriller film written and directed by Nolan, who adapted from his younger brother Jonathan’s short story entitled, Memento Mori. It stars Guy Pearce as Leonard Shelby, a man with anterograde amnesia, which impairs his ability to store new explicit memories. During the opening credits, which portray the end of the story, it is shown that Leonard kills Teddy, played by Joe Pantoliano. The film suggests that this killing is vengeance for the rape and murder of his wife based on information provided by Natalie, played by Carrie- Anne Moss.

    This film is often used to show the distinction between plot and story. Its events unfold in two separate, alternating narratives — one in color, and the other in black-and-white. The black-and-white sections are told in chronological order, showing Leonard conversing with an anonymous phone caller in a motel room. Leonard’s investigation is depicted in color sequences that are in reverse chronological order. As each sequence begins, the audience is unaware of the preceding events, just like Leonard, thereby giving the viewer a sense of his confusion. By the film’s end when the two narratives converge we understand the investigation and the events that lead up to Teddy’s death.

    Memento is not only a film that would give the audience great entertainment but it is also provides them a one of a kind movie experience. Aside from having the plot and the story told in a non- traditional manner whether it is colored/black and white or chronological/reverse-chronological, it involves the viewer into solving the puzzles and mysteries of a crime thriller. Although some may not appreciate the way the story was told as people may not get right way the fashion on how the plot and the story is being told, it nevertheless puts the viewer into the inner workings of the mind as well as the character of Leonard as well as emotions depicted in the movie. That is why it definitely provides the viewer an absorbing experience although it may create confusion to some.

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