Meet Joe Black (1998)

Meet Joe Black (1998)
  • Time: 178 min
  • Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Mystery
  • Director: Martin Brest
  • Cast: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani


Bill Parrish, media tycoon, loving father and still a human being, is about to celebrate his 65th birthday. One morning, he is contacted by the Inevitable – by hallucination, as he thinks. Later, Death itself enters his home and his life, personified in a man’s body: Joe Black has arrived. His intention was to take Bill with him, but accidentally, Joe’s former host and Bills beautiful daughter Susan have already met. Joe begins to develop certain interest in life on earth as well as in Susan, who has no clue who she’s flirting with.


  • When death comes knocking on your door in the form of Brad Pitt, there really isn’t any reason to go on living. In Meet Joe Black, Pitt does indeed portray death and, no, the casting is not a punchline.

    On the advent of his 65th birthday, media tycoon Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) begins hearing voices. Actually, it’s one single voice. “Yes,” it says. “Yes.” But what is the question? In the throes of a later heart attack, the unspoken question is revealed. Has my time to die come? Parrish wonders. “Yes.” But when death does arrive at his door, it comes with a proposal: death wants to take a look around before he takes Bill. In exchange for being death’s guide, Bill will be granted more time. Assuming the guise of Joe Black (Pitt), death invites himself to dinner where he meets Bill’s family: eldest daughter Allison (Marcia Gay Harden) and her husband Quince (Jeffrey Tambor), and Bill’s favorite daughter Susan (Claire Forlani). Susan, confused by Joe’s aloofness, remarks, “It’s a shame that whoever you were this morning couldn’t be here tonight.”

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  • “Meet Joe Black” is a movie that touches the romantic soul in everyone. From the very beginning through the bittersweet ending we are transported along with Susan Parrish (Clair Forlani) as she meets and falls in love with the surprisingly charming Joe Black (Brad Pitt). Clair Forlani pulls this character off with an unbelievable amount of charm and beauty, while Brad Pitt leaves us wondering what will happen next. Not to leave out Anthony Hopkins (William Parrish), his character is the glue that grounds this movie into every day reality and possibility. Although the movie is close to 3 hours, the incredible chemistry between the actors will have you paying attention to the romance instead of looking at your watch. Highly recommended as it is one of the very best movies I have ever seen. Not to ruin it, but the ending is as well done as I imagine it could be. Enjoy!

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