Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

  • Time: 110 min
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Thriller
  • Director: Dennis Gansel
  • Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones


The most dangerous hitman in the world, Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.


  • A terrible sequel to a so-so movie, Mechanic: Resurrection sees the return of Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop, a professional assassin skilled in making his kills look like accidents.

    Last we saw Bishop, he had escaped from the murder attempt of his duplicitous partner, who also happened to be the son of the mentor he was tricked into killing. Living on a boat in Rio de Janeiro, Bishop seems content in retirement having replenished his beloved record supply, which he meticulously cleans before playing it on the record player. Trouble comes knocking one day in the form of the Courier (Thai actress and pop star Rhatha Phongam, who also appeared in Only God Forgives), who sidles up to him at an outdoor restaurant with an offer from her boss, Crain (Sam Hazeldine). Bishop is to kill three men or Crain will expose the fact that Bishop is alive and well and not dead as everyone believes.

    Bishop initially refuses, evading the Courier and her henchmen by jumping from the balcony of the restaurant onto a funicular and then onto a passing glider. He surfaces in Southern Thailand, where he takes refuge on an island resort run by friend Mei (Michelle Yeoh). Here he encounters Gina (Jessica Alba), who turns out to be reluctant bait dangled by Crain (if she doesn’t help with Crain’s plan, then he’ll kill everyone in the shelter for victims of human trafficking that she helps to run). Since they fall for each other within hours of spending time together, Bishop is forced to carry out Crain’s orders or else Crain will kill Gina.

    It’s remarkable how much of a slog the movie is. The original wasn’t particularly impressive, but it got the job done. At times, screenwriters Philip Shelby and Tony Mosher seem to forget that Mechanic: Resurrection is meant to be an action movie. The set-up takes far too long to establish and it’s genuinely mind-boggling how a formidable action star like Yeoh is sidelined. This role is far beneath her talents. The same goes for Alba, herself no slouch when it comes to kicking ass. Here she mostly gets manhandled by Crain’s goons, occasionally throwing a kick or two but mainly waiting around for Statham to rescue her.

    As for Bishop’s assignments, the only memorable sequence is the one that’s already featured front and center in the trailers, that of a kill involving a glass swimming pool jutting out from the top of a 76-story building in Sydney. The target’s floor is meant to be impenetrable, but then again so was the Malaysian prison located 70 miles out to sea in shark-infested waters that housed the warlord that was Bishop’s first target. Naturally, Bishop finds a way – there wouldn’t be a film otherwise. If only Mechanic: Resurrection didn’t feel so tenth-rate.

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  • “I spend my whole life settin’ people up to die Let’s set you up to live.”

    Believe me, I’m an avid fan of Jason Statham and won’t refuse to watch a film in which his muscularity appears. In addition, I also realize that a real Jason Statham movie won’t ask much effort from your brain. Most of his films are brainless movies in which a lascivious, well-formed beauty occurs from time to time. In addition, Statham’s talents as an action figure and practitioner of martial arts is extensively demonstrated in these movies. And that’s exactly what you can admire in “Mechanic: Resurrection”. The film has just begun and Statham already needs to dig up his fighting techniques. Unfortunately, the rest of the film is of a pitifully low level. It’s rather a mind below zero movie with a totally meaningless and paper thin story, ridiculous developments and forced interactions between the main actors.

    Well, there’s always something to complain about. Statham playing a character part as in “Hummingbird” with less emphasis on the action, is also a reason for some to start grumbling. And in this movie there’s a lot of fighting going on. But isn’t that actually the main reason why we watch a Staham movie? Those brutal fight scenes where he uses every attribute he can lay his hands on? An absence of high quality dialogues and his static facial expression is part and parcel. The problem lies in the overarching story interwoven with the three subplots. The three murders Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) has to commit in a sinecure way (so that it looks like an accident) have been worked out masterfully. It’s like watching three “MacGyver” episodes. And the second one is the most hallucinatory and impressive one.

    The movie’s weaker half is the romantic part where Statham needs to show his sensitive side. He can use his triceps and biceps convincingly. But this stands in stark contrast to the use of his heart muscle. It seems rather contrived. However, if you look at the appearance of Jessica Alba, you totally understand that the adrenaline in Statham begins to function in a very different way. Alba is a beautiful appearance and luckily (for the male audience) there are many exotic beaches used as a scenery, making it mandatory for her to walk around and swim in bikini. Sadly, her part is limited to playing as a bait for Bishop. And obviously she demonstrates her feminine vulnerability constantly. Until a fury in her emerges and suddenly she masters effective combat techniques.

    Ultimately, “Mechanic: Resurrection” is just a pure action movie that serves as demonstration material for Statham’s ability as an action figure. The landscapes are beautifully portrayed. The three murders technically may not really be feasible, but are still imaged in an ingenious way. Jason Statham plays the cool guy who’s forced to rescue the damsel in distress. Jessica Alba looks appetizing. And Tommy Lee Jones shines as wealthy arms dealer who has the appearance of an old hippie. These are all the positive remarks in a nutshell. If you have no problem with the fact they’ve put the focus in this movie solely on the mindless action moments and the rest is nothing more than an empty box, you’ll be safe with this film.

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  • This is an unexpected sequel. Actually, I was looking for other sequels from Statham’s filmography, particularly the third ‘Crank’. I think the idea of going for it was good and the film was not that bad, if your purpose of a watch is time pass. The story was so bad, but the filmmaking was excellent. Because it was made by a renowned German director. Only if he had got a better script, the outcome would have been different. So it’s the actors and the director makes it watchable. Other than that, this film falls into the average category.

    The story follows after Arthur Bishop was found living in Brasil by some people who know him. Then he narrowly escapes from there and lands in Southeast Asia, where he meets Gina, a woman struggling from domestic violence. But he soon discovers that’s a setup. After she was taken captive by an international criminal, now he has to follow his instruction to set her free. So the action begins where he takes a series of missions across the globe and how it all ends follows in the rest of the narration,

    It’s good to see Jason Statham back to his signature role. This is what he’s good at. Even if the story is not good, that’s okay, because Statham’s presence is a very comfortable to watch without any trouble. Jessica Alba as well, I haven’t seen her in any major hit film at the recent time. Even though the film was received below average, it kind of puts them both back on the track.

    Definitely they both needed this breakthrough. There’s a third film is coming, it’s not official yet, but the conclusion was a hint where Tommy Lee Jones can be seen in an important role in the next part. You won’t like this film, but surely enjoy it if you are a Statham’s fan, that’s the only reason to go for it.

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