Max (2015)

Max (2015)
  • Time: 111 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Family
  • Director: Boaz Yakin
  • Cast: Josh Wiggins, Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church, Luke Kleintank


A dog that helped US Marines in Afghanistan returns to the U.S. and is adopted by his handler’s family after suffering a traumatic experience.

One comment

  • I actually enjoyed this movie and wasn’t annoyed or worried when it didn’t continue on in the military, because I knew that it was more based for children and families rather than just adults only. It would have been nice though, as it raises more awareness on what canines can do and how they can be more than just a companion, pet or something similar. There are still many countries that don’t realise or recognise the use of canines and certain types of animals, as being more than just a common pet. Canines like ‘Max’ go above and beyond for their handler – most have a minimum of 2 years extensive training, even then it can take many years to perfect.

    Everything was to be expected, especially showing how the war can affect not only humans but animals too – it is the little things like this, which can teach children something they may never have learned elsewhere. This movie could have focused more on other areas and aspects of life but they’ve kept it simple, making it easier for kids to watch and not having to have everything explained to them.

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