Match (2014)

Match (2014)
  • Time: 90 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Music
  • Director: Stephen Belber
  • Cast: Matthew Lillard, Carla Gugino, Patrick Stewart


Tobi Powell (Patrick Stewart), an aging Juilliard dance professor with a colorful and international past, is interviewed by a woman and her husband (Carla Gugino & Matthew Lillard) for a dissertation she’s writing about the history of dance in New York in the 1960’s. As the interview proceeds, it becomes increasingly clear that there are ulterior motives to the couple’s visit. Explosive revelation is followed by questions about truth versus belief. Match is a story about responsibility, artistic commitment…and love.

One comment

  • It should be said that both Carla Gugino and Matthew Lillard have long established themselves as solid, capable actors. It should also be said that they are both unequivocally obliterated by Patrick Stewart in the three character drama Match.

    Match derives from Stephen Belber’s play and Belber, in adapting and directing his own work for the screen, keeps the piece’s theatrical roots fairly intact, allowing for few cinematic concessions such as the opening sequence observing Stewart’s Tobias overseeing his dance students. Tobias is content with his solitude, preferring a night of knitting and soap operas to dinner parties – after a whirlwind of traveling around the world, first as a celebrated dancer and then a feted choreographer, there’s nothing that he hasn’t already done or experienced.

    His routine is broken by Lisa and Mike (Gugino and Lillard), a married couple who have come to New York from Seattle to interview him for a dissertation she’s writing on the history and future of dance. She’s overwhelmed and impressed by his tales, finding them exotic, but Mike keeps steering the interview back to focus on a particularly heady time in the Sixties when dancers were backstabbing and promiscuous. It’s clear that there’s more to the interview than the couple are letting on as Mike, with blunt insistence, presses Tobias for more details about his relationship with a dancer named Gloria Rinaldi. Of course he slept with her, Tobias exclaims, “We exhausted ourselves with sex. That woman had more basic positions than Baryshnikov!”

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