Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me (2008)
  • Time: 115 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Family
  • Director: David Frankel
  • Cast: Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane


After their wedding, newspaper writers John and Jennifer Grogan move to Florida. In an attempt to stall Jennifer’s “biological clock”, John gives her a puppy. While the puppy Marley grows into a 100 pound dog, he loses none of his puppy energy or rambunctiousness. Meanwhile, Marley gains no self-discipline. Marley’s antics give John rich material for his newspaper column. As the Grogans mature and have children of their own, Marley continues to test everyone’s patience by acting like the world’s most impulsive dog.

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  • Marley & Me

    MY RATING: 7.5/10

    Marley & Me is a film based on the bestselling, heart-wrenching memoir by John Grogan about his much loved Labrador, Marley. Marley is a puppy adopted by the newly married couple John Grogan (Owen Wilson) and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) who live in sunny South Florida. John Grogan is a reporter at a Florida paper while Jenny is a better reporter with a better career but later children Patrick, Conner and Coleen. Image

    Marley to me is the epitome of hyper activeness. He can chew through a wall, jump fences and destruct anything that he wants to. John describes Marley as the ‘world’s worst dog’; in a sarcastic way of course. John and Jenny have a tougher time raising Marley than raising their three kids. When taken to a dog trainer, Marley clearly shows that he cannot be controlled by anyone and that he is no ordinary dog. However, Marley teaches them a lesson on unconditional love, a lesson that all dogs can teach their owners.

    John being a reporter starts writing a column on Marley and the daily experiences he has with Marley. Most of these experiences involve the trouble that Marley causes regularly. The column is well received among the readers and becomes a big hit for the newspaper company. Thus Marley indirectly helps John sustain a successful career. Jenny, on the other hand, is a successful home maker and does a great job in raising three children, who Marley thankfully does not eat.

    Apart from Marley, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston share a relationship which is very smart, loving and realistic. They show us why they are so highly regarded as great comic actors with their great performances in this film. This one particular scene where John returns home after a hard day’s work and finds Jenny dancing with Marley, shows us that no matter how troublesome Marley can get, he is still one of the most loved and adored members of the Grogan family. It sure did make a few tears run down my cheek.

    It is often said that you will realize the value of something only when you lose it. This is as true as it gets for the Grogan family. So, brace yourselves for a heart breaking ending for the film.

    The caption of the film ‘Life and love with the world’s worst dog’ is a perfect fit to describe this film in a sentence. Life with Marley can be difficult but the love that Marley can expose you to is much greater than any feeling in this world. This film is one of my personal favorites and will always be remembered as the film I cried the most for. It has taught me a lesson on how someone you love can do great things to you. They can make you happy like no one can. They can be there through your tough times and your good times. They can make you smile through all your tears.Everyone has someone like this in their life. For John it was Marley. Marley, the world’s best dog.

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