Man on the Moon (1999)

Man on the Moon (1999)
  • Time: 118 min
  • Genre: Biography | Comedy | Drama
  • Director: Milos Forman
  • Cast: Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Paul Giamatti


A biopic based on the life of Andy Kaufman, an eccentric comedian who went onto enjoy a career as lovable foreign car mechanic Latka Gravas on TV’s Taxi (1978), and later gained infamy as an inter-gender wrestling champ. The film studies some of Kaufman’s comedy antics as well as his personal life and his relationship with his manager George Shapiro, his best friend/partner Bob Zmuda and his girlfriend Lynne Margulies.

One comment

  • Did you hear about this one? About Andy Kaufman, the comic for whom laughter was beside the point? The one who wanted to see how far he could take the joke, the one who blurred the line between what was real and what was staged and didn’t let the audience in on the joke? “Who are you trying to entertain?” his oft put-upon manager George Shapiro (Danny DeVito) asks in Milos Forman’s brilliant biopic Man on the Moon. “The audience or yourself?” The answer may be both.

    The film begins in a sequence Kaufman would have approved of. “Hello, I am Andy and I would like to thank you for coming to my movie,” he says in his foreign man character. “I wish it was better…it’s so stupid.” He goes on to say that he’s taken all the baloney out so the movie is “much shorter. In fact, this is the end of the movie.” He’s not kidding. The end credits roll and he stares at us with both discomfort and frozen frustration as we keep sitting in the theater. After several minutes, the screen goes black…and stays black until Andy peeks out from one side of the frame. “Wow, you’re still here,” he says in his normal voice. “I just did that to get rid of folks who wouldn’t understand me.”

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