Lucy (2014)

Lucy (2014)
  • Time: 89 min
  • Genre: Action | Sci-Fi
  • Director: Luc Besson
  • Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Analeigh Tipton


It was supposed to be a simple job. All Lucy had to do was deliver a mysterious briefcase to Mr. Jang. But immediately Lucy is caught up in a nightmarish deal where she is captured and turned into a drug mule for a new and powerful synthetic drug. When the bag she is carrying inside of her stomach leaks, Lucy’s body undergoes unimaginable changes that unlocks her mind’s full potential 100%. With her new-found powers, Lucy turns into a merciless warrior intent on getting back at her captors. She receives invaluable help from Professor Norman, the leading authority on the human mind, and French police captain Pierre Del Rio.


  • So when I first saw the trailer I thought this movie would be awesome! I mean Scarjo and Morgan Freeman? how could this not be awesome? Well, somehow then managed to create characters that the audience does not care about at all. I mean seriously the main character “Lucy” had no introduction beyond her name, How am i supposed to care about a character I know nothing about? This one is a PASS! Don’t waste the money! You will leave wishing Lucy had died in the opening sequence. That would have saved you the 90 minutes of pure action with no storyline.

    Then there was the cinematography…. I was super confused with the opening sequence that was made up of flashes from Lucy to Freeman, then to national geographic footage??? With none of the clips containing enough info to get a handle on the story. Hence the lack of feelings for any of the characters…

    I love movies, and I really expected this to be a great summer blockbuster, but sadly even Scarjo and Freeman could not save this story-less plot, and awkward cinematography…

  • I was really hyped to watch Lucy after seeing the epic trailer, but the actual movie was a huge let-down for me.

    The setup was interesting, with Scarlett Johansson’s character going from being a sobbing, confused student to being very calm and in control as the movie progressed. I thought that it would lead to something big, like perhaps she would use her abilities to do great things. However, as the movie continued, it got more weird than epic. The plot started to jump all over the place, ultimately going nowhere. When it ended, I couldn’t believe it was over, as if Luc Besson ran out of juice and stopped writing all of a sudden. In my opinion, nothing was resolved and nothing was accomplished.

    Overall, I am disappointed because I wanted to see a really creative sci-fi action film with a promising heroic female lead but what I saw was one woman’s 90 minute psychedelic drug trip.

  • This may sound like a paranoia, but seeing “Lucy” one might think that the U.S. media have virtually devastated “Transcendence” (Johnny Depp) to make a way for the new film featured Johansson. Well, yes, “Lucy” is like the version of “Transcendence” by Luc Besson, which is added some elements of his previous films. And so, “Lucy” is possibly one of the most spectacularly ridiculous films this year, and in the last section one can only think of surrealism

    The argument takes the popular idea of ​​brain usage 100% (explored in “Limitless”), and to this point has been cleared by two tangents: an action movie and a Sci-Fi movie. The problem of “Lucy” is that it doesn’ t works much like any film, partly because of the director ambition that translates into a mini-Opera recharged with fireworks but devoid of attention in the script. If you take it as action movie, is so front-loaded: no one here is afraid to shoot in any public place, What for? What need to be so careless or “sincere”? Everybody say things as are and everyone breathes ridiculous claims, from the rapid capture of Johansson to nonsense like talking through an answerphone, to Johansson forcing through her gun some doctors to heal her wounds and then ask permission to talk with her mother by cell, to the speed with which our protagonist changes from being a fearful girl to a quasi-evil (like Geena Davis in “The Long Kiss Goodnight”), or the stories she tells that does not care to none. This high front load is very own of schematic class B cinema, where there is too much style to the point of caring nothing; and would have been channeled into something enjoyable or acceptable if Johansson had offered a more vigorous performance, if she was a “bitch” for the public to stay off her feet. But unfortunately, even though no one doubts the sensuality of this girl (well, it is true that there are a lot cuter girls than her in Hollywood), her performance is really lukewarm to the action genre. This is because the performance of the actress is more suited to the tangent of Sci-Fi; her performance in this respect does not differ from that of Johnny Depp in “Transcendence” and is more digestible in that context. The front loading can then be partially hidden in the electronic upholstery of FX. Sometimes Johansson knows too much about things that do not depend exactly of her intelligence. But even when viewers and critics praise her, Johansson wants to do the same trick like Milla Jovovich to perform as lethal robot but fails, her face in any case is very dramatic rather than containing the “spark” of madness in her eyes

    Now take it as Sci-Fi film, which is quite flat: both scientific explanations of Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson are pretty boring by atomic level of ridiculousness. You already know that it is impossible to use the full 100% of the brain, but that would not be so important if it were not for the scientists dialogues are metaphysical for fifth category, which is far from equated with high quality of “Matrix “. The final decision is similar to Depp in “Transcendence”, although abrupt (should be here the beginning of what interesting)

    After analyzing “both films,” combine them… and that is the major flaw. “Lucy” feels like a bad armed pastiche with arguments that do not match each other, mutilated elements, and like many pastiches films combine nonsenses with other moments of insufferable solemnity. The plot of revenge is almost completely in the background, and you never know the true effects of the drug or who produces (ie, if such a powerful drug, it is assumed that Johansson could not be the only one to be affected by hyper-intelligence). Also this is never develops as action thriller because Lucy has the power to do almost everything, so no need to make an intriguing investigation. The end of the film is of a level of surrealism in either direction, from Johansson’s journey through time, to the mixture between the Sci-Fi with all the shooting of the mafia. It’s really fantastic, a combination of a very serious moment (the time travel) with the nonsense (action film). Only in “Scarface” (1983) one could see that surrealism combine something very serious (the solemnity of the death of a main character) with a moment of nonsense (the shootout with drug traffickers), but “Lucy” surpasses it in terms of ridicule. Or clap, or laugh

    It is a bit disappointing for a girl like Scarlett Johansson, has proven that she is not a mere girl of the age of Cialis, she does not sell the same image on everywhere but can do something interesting with her career. Her previous job was “Under The Skin”, which was a meticulous film about elegant Art-Pop. “Lucy” is much more strident, if this is Art-Pop so is closer to Lady Gaga these days (ie, decaying) than what made the director Jonathan Glazer, with changes of wigs and lasers for cell, Chinese lyrics to be out of the screen, garish colors and transformations, etc. (also acknowledge that “Under The Skin” is not without some commercial trend, to the extent that is packaged and presented as an artistic and conspicuous creation). Speaking precisely this collage, Luc Besson has entered into the debacle of Pop hodgepodge of these years, where he used an actress of great knowledge for his pure delusions. You can blame it on globalization (!), Where now all have access to a wealth of information and have the ability to make (or unearth) constant kitsch treasures of dubious quality. Thus, it is not unreasonable to find spectators clap movies now for the amount of film references and cameos (like the last Muppet film, which is bad), the amount of pseudo-spectacular quotes, the return of some stars of the old days, the number of references of the moment, the number of countries where they are going, etc. (something like the 60’s but without the humor). While there are some who can do more with it (Tarantino), others celebrate that culture in a genuine way, and others attacked it with ironic intelligence (like Lady Gaga in the beginning), others are funny (“Machete Kills”). The problem is that there is now too much self-consciousness and all are located as kings, writing or doing the worst multicolored nonsense with too solemn or serious self-importance, or introducing self-mockery or too smooth social criticism (in order to gain attention of film criticism). “Lucy” is not as crazy as could be terrible pastiches like “Scary Movie” (which are jokes of their own Pop culture), but it may be as the cited “Scarface” (though without the great scene of the chainsaw, and without turning Johansson abruptly into a heroin in the last minute saving childrens from a car….) or to give a more current example can be equated with such disasters like “Sex And The City 2″ mixing exaggerated bustles with transcendental moments, with excessive front loading, with colorful moments, a bit of demagoguery, etc. “Lucy” is a collage that is sometimes too serious but generally involuntarily enters into self-parody

  • A poptastic psychedelia with philosophical underpinnings, Luc Besson’s Lucy is bonkers to the bone, functioning more as a hopped-up flipbook of visual homages and delights than the semi-coherent actioner it’s been marketed to be.

    The skeletal plot finds our titular heroine (Scarlett Johansson) in Taipei, coerced by her one-week-old boyfriend Richard (Borgen’s Pilou Asbaek) into delivering a suitcase to Mr. Jang (the original Old Boy Choi Min-Sik). The delivery goes awry – Richard’s shot dead and Lucy’s forced to become a drug mule for Jang, a packet of the volatile chemical CPH4 surgically stuffed into her stomach. When the packet bursts, the drug floods her system, increasing her brainpower and ability to control other people and matter.

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  • The trailers for “Lucy” were interesting and enticed me into watching the film. Really, I didn’t know what to expect apart from it being based on how far human capabilities go. The storyline is fast paced and gripping, not too fast that you lose your way but enough to keep people engaged.

    This film was excellent. There were a few scenes where they seemed a little silly and unrealistic but the majority was a great performance by Scarlett Johansson. There have been a fair few negative reviews and that surprised me. Many because people were led to believe it was a sci-fi film. It did have some sci-fi elements including levitation people and various time warps; however, what really gripped me with the film was the fact that it introduced true and very relevant facts of the world.

    The concept and story of Lucy is very philosophical to say the least, or at least that is what I found. After watching this movie, it left me wondering about human existence and the capabilities and limits of the brain. It truly was a thought provoking movie! The director is Luc Besson, a French filmmaker that is responsible for such films as: The Fifth Element, Leon: The Professional, The Taken movies, The Transporter movies, and La Femme Nikita… Enough said!
    To conclude, if you think you are open-minded, definitely watch “Lucy”!

  • “Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what to do with it.”

    Is Lucy the result of a scientifically based theory or should she join the club of “by chemicals mutated superheroes” like Spiderman, The Hulk and Captain America? We can remove the first item of the list because the theory of us only using 10% of our brains is complete nonsense. That would mean that there’s 90% of unexplored territory for grabs in our upper chamber. The risk of brain injury shrinks. And would our skull not be too wide for that small part? Isn’t it true that evolution slightly adjusts things so that there’s an optimum use of certain features? The second item comes closer to the phenomenon of “Lucy”, just that no startling changes were made. No flashy superheroes costume or superhuman attributes such as web spraying additives. Besides the fact that Lucy turns into an emotionless and soulless highly intelligent being who assesses situations in a rational and logical manner, there’s nothing of substance that changes her.

    The beginning of “Lucy” however, is highly entertaining and intriguing. The fact that Lucy is the victim of a cunning devised Korean plan with tourists used as living containers for transporting a chemical drug, was really original. That the drug, with the not so sexy sounding name CPH4, ends up in Lucy’s bloodstream by harshly violence and increases the rate of usage of the brains, sounded plausible. Certainly the statement of an expert in that field (Lucy had at that time not enough brain power to know that) helps with that. The synthetic drugs seems to be the same as the substance which a pregnant woman produces for the fetus,so it will have the energy to build up a bone structure. “For a baby it has the force of an atomic bomb” he claims dramatically. You can imagine what that cocktail of CPH4 does to Lucy’s body.

    Not only it is a pleasure to look at Scarlett Johansson but it’s also fun admiring her acting talent. She demonstrates a whole palette of emotions : from innocent, frightened and distraught to ruthlessly calculated and cold-blooded. In “Her” it was her sultry voice that enchanted you and in “Lucy” her natural beauty enraptures you. “Beauty is the purgation of superfluities” as Michelangelo quoted. In my opinion Johansson purged a lot of superfluities for sure. And in this film, it’s not only her looks that makes men dizzy and their head swoon. One look is enough to knock them out. Morgan Freeman just plays himself again and guides you through the story with the full explanation of the phenomenon that we are witnessing, complete with pictures from the animal kingdom and a prehistoric hunter as illustrations. Again a minor contribution to the greater whole as in “Transcendence”. What a pity ! And those are the two protagonists whose story lines go together in a parallel way. The audience is thrown back and forth between those two story lines.The old wise man, a role to play by Morgan, and Johansson as übermensch on the other side of the world.

    Strange but true, as the percentage counter increases and Lucy supposedly uses more of her brain, it’s up to the viewer to gradually reduce the use of brain cells, because the evolution Lucy undergoes becomes incredible implausible. Becoming more intelligent is automatically linked with the development of paranormal abilities and the reducing of emotional values. The phone call at the beginning of the film still had a high emotional value because the drug wasn’t working yet at full power. The development of psychic abilities however, sees to it that the entertainment value of the action-rich parts become valueless. What’s so exciting being confronted with an invincible person whose abilities seem almost alien ? Beside the thrilling car chase through Paris, most scenes were pretty somnolent. A snap or a glance was enough to take out the opponents. And the denouement is pretty surreal, with the comprehensive knowledge being summarized on a USB-stick. Apparently that universal knowledge wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Despite the implausible and nonsensical content sometimes, it’s still an extremely fascinating movie. Especially the Tarantino-esque fragments that occur here and there, were much appreciated. Like a patient who gets a few bullets in his body after Lucy made a quick analysis of his health state. Coarse, shocking and gross, but also absurdly humorous. However, I never want to reach that level of intelligence because it will cause loss of deep human feelings like emotion, pleasure and joy.

  • Lucy is forced into a dark deal she didn’t want to be a part of. She is taken captive as a drug mule for a new synthetic drug, however the tables are turned when the drug absorbs in her body, causing Lucy to access more than 10% of her brain and turn into a merciless warrior.

    We meet Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as a normal, probably quite dim woman with a dodgy boyfriend, using only 7% of her brain. When the drug fuses with her, the things that make her human start to vanish and she becomes something more sci-fi, being able to move things and people with her mind.

    It’s a simple idea, very similar to Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper (Guardians of the Galaxy), it’s a fact that as humans, we only have access to 10% of our brains, that is until a drug is created that has the ability to let you access the full 100%. It’s an easy enough story to understand, however since anything past what we can do after 10% is purely…
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