Love and Honor (2013)

Love and Honor (2013)
  • Time: 96 min
  • Genre: Drama | Romance | War
  • Director: Danny Mooney
  • Cast: Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, Aimee Teegarden


When Dalton Joiner, a young soldier in Vietnam, gets dumped by his hometown girlfriend Jane, he vows to sneak home during the war to win her back. His best buddy, Mickey Wright, never one to miss out on a wild time, decides to go with him. They must get back to America, change her mind and return to the war without getting caught. The two soldiers end up at the University of Michigan, where they find Jane, now Juniper, and her stunning and passionate new friend Candace, right in the heart of the counter culture – and the anti-war movement. During one week in July 1969, while the rest of the world focuses on man’s first steps on the moon, Wright and Joiner learn the true meaning of love, honor and commitment.

One comment

  • A young soldier gets his heartbroken by the woman he loves, so he goes AWOL with his buddy (Liam Hemsworth) and returns to the United States to try and win her back. They tell a regretful lie, and problems arise for them

    I can’t help but like this movie. It tried so hard to be a powerful film without being pretentious about it. Was it pretentious? Slightly…but it really does have good intentions. I realize this subject is a touchy issue, so I’ll use as much diligence & care as possible. My dad has told me tales & stories about the Vietnam War and what a crock a lot of it was. I tend to agree with him for my own personal reasons. That’s what this movie’s message is about. We do get sights of war going on, but it gives way to a couple fairly effective love stories. That’s where the money & heart in this movie lies. The one between Dalton & (Stowell) Juniper (Teegarden) was a bit cold. It was really tough for me to feel sympathy for it, especially Juniper. Her shallowness angered me on a number of occasions, and I felt Dalton’s character was written a bit too blasé with it all, aside from an intense scene at a club with him. His character sorely needed him to delve a little bit deeper in my opinion. Mickey (Hemsworth) & Candace (Palmer) come off much better. It was much more real. Hemsworth was able to balance a perfect combination of charismatic arrogance & likability, without going overboard on being too cocky, and that made him all the more sympathetic. Teresa Palmer is a favorite of mine, and I feel the sky is the limit for her. She absolutely nailed what could have been a thin part with conviction. I didn’t like how the finale ended though. It felt a bit jumbled and contrived to be honest with you, before getting back on track with the ending

    Final Thoughts: I always reward good efforts, and the effort here is undeniable. They didn’t fully succeed with the powerful film they were going for, but for a romance film with war themes, I thought it was quite alright. It’ll tug at your heart strings a bit. Worth a watch


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