Lions for Lambs (2007)

Lions for Lambs (2007)
  • Time: 92 min
  • Genre: Drama | Thriller | War
  • Director: Robert Redford
  • Cast: Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise


Three stories told simultaneous in ninety minutes of real time: a Republican Senator who’s a presidential hopeful gives an hour-long interview to a skeptical television reporter, detailing a strategy for victory in Afghanistan; two special forces ambushed on an Afghani ridge await rescue as Taliban forces close in; a poli-sci professor at a California college invites a promising student to re-engage. Decisions press upon the reporter, the student, and the soldiers.

One comment

  • Although each of the actors give good performances in the movie, I found this movie to be somewhat boring and non-entertaining. Further, it really didn’t have an ending. I guess it’s purpose is to provide some insights into the War on Terror and how different people view it. What it delivered was three different stories, two of which didn’t have an ending.

    This movie appears to be more of a call to action. See the movie, see how different people view the war, think about it, and then take action. Either protest it, support it, join it, or ignore it.

    Tom Cruise is really good as the ego maniacal Senator who sees the War on Terror as a means to get to the White House. Meryl Streep is also really good as the conscientious objector reporter who wants to report on the war based on her beliefs rather than on what her supervisor and Cruise want her to report. Robert Redford can still act with the same amount of passion that he had before.

    The problem is, this movie doesn’t really have an ending. At the end, you’re left to wonder what the characters are going to do next. The other message of this movie is that life basically sucks. You live your life, sometimes with passion and sometimes with apathy, and there is no happy ending.

    So I give this movie 5 stars for the acting, the direction, and the dialog. Everything else is just kind of bland.

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