Laws of Attraction (2004)

  • Time: 90 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Director: Peter Howitt
  • Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey


This is the story of two New York divorce attorneys who are often competing against each other, but end up in a relationship nonetheless. When they get married, can they avoid the same issues at home that lead people to provide them business at work? One of the central cases in the story is the heavily-publicized divorce of a rock star from his wife…

One comment

  • Laws of Attraction is a decent romantic comedy but it’s not really worth watching. Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan are rival divorce lawyers who wake up after a drunken bender in Vegas to find out they’ve gotten married. In order to keep their reputations intact, they must make the most of it and pretend that they’re happily married…but could true love be far behind? The story has been done a lot and Laws of Attraction does nothing new to try to make it exciting. The film is pretty bland and it just goes straight down the middle with pretty much no surprises. So the only reason why the film works a lot better then it should is because of its two leads. Julianne Moore plays her role well as does Pierce Brosnan and they manage to carry the film but their isn’t a whole lot of chemistry between them. The movie also has these unrealistic scenes where one character just happens to run into another in a random street corner or even in a random road in Ireland. At least the film keeps it short with a running time of 90 minutes so while it does get boring you won’t have to sit through it for that long .Peter Howitt directs and he keeps it at a slow pace. The supporting cast is also pretty good which include Michael Sheen, Frances Fisher, and Parker Posey. The film starts off well but some events happen near the end that are to hard to take serious. This film actually had a lot of potential but due to the poor writing it didn’t turn out to be such a good film. Rating 6/10, worth watching if your a fan of Brosnan and Moore but if your not then this film is not really worth watching since it has nothing new or exciting to offer.

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