Lawless (2012)

Lawless (2012)
  • Time: 116 min
  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Director: John Hillcoat
  • Cast: Tom Hardy, Jason Clarke, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman


The three Bondurant brothers run a bootlegging operation during the depression, up in the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia. Crooked Special Deputy Charles Rakes is after a share of the brothers’ profits. Compounding their troubles, the local competition is elbowing in on their activities. Forrest’s boisterous defiance and Cricket’s knack for moonshine production help the brothers gain a local monopoly. When Forrest is wounded as tension with Rakes escalates, Jack, initially the timid one, must prove his worth against gangster Floyd Banner’s mob, and we see him metamorphose into a cocky exhibitionist in his attempts to woo the off-limits preacher’s daughter, Bertha.

One comment

  • I am not one to cringe during violence in movies but this one actually made me nauseous at one point. That being said, I think it was violence with a purpose; they did a good job portraying the chaos and Lawlessness (hence the title) that ran rampant during the prohibition.
    The actors were amazing in this movie (although the accents made them hard to understand at times, I found myself wishing there were subtitles), and I grew very attached to the characters. I was actually on the edge of my seat at one point when one of the brothers seemed to suffer an injury that he couldn’t possibly survive.
    Also, Guy Pierce did a great job acting, even if I did despise his character.
    Overall, I thought the story was good, the acting was good, and they definitely got the feel of an early 1900’s town down pat.

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