Kelly’s Heroes (1970)

Kelly’s Heroes (1970)
  • Time: 144 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Comedy | War
  • Director: Brian G. Hutton
  • Cast: Clint Eastwood, Telly Savala, Don Rickles, Donald Sutherland


During World War II a German Colonel is captured by the Americans but before he can be interrogated an artillery barrage hits the camp. However, Ex-Lieutenant Kelly manages to reach the Colonel, get him drunk and learn that he is on a secret mission to ship $16,000,000 of gold to a base in France. Kelly is determined to get the gold and plans for himself and a few of his fellow soldiers to slip into enemy territory and steal the bullion.

One comment

  • I first saw this movie in a movie theater at an army base in Germany in 1970 or 1971 (don’t remember exactly which) while I was in the army over there. I got a great kick out of it and still do every time I have watched it since, which has got to be at least a couple dozen times. Within the last month I have watched it twice. It is one of the relatively few movies I can put into the category of “movies I can watch over and over and not get tired of.”

    One thing that always stuck in my mind was the scene at the end where the German tank sgt. is invited to participate in the project and get an equal share of the proceeds, and then without another word the next thing you see is the bank door being blown off its hinges. When I was in the army in Germany they would have “German-American Friendship Week”, or some kind of thing like that to promote good relations between the U.S. GIs and the local Germans, and one of the guys who went to the movie said “Now that was an excellent example of real German-American friendship.” Amen. You have to realize in that scene that in real life the guys in the tank could have very easily pointed their machine guns at these 3 guys walking up toward them, and mowed them down.

    If anyone is considering watching this, all I have to say is get your popcorn ready, you are in for a treat.

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