Just Married (2003)

Just Married (2003)
  • Time: 95 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Director: Shawn Levy
  • Cast: Ashton Kutcher, Brittany Murphy, Christian Kane


Tom Leezak and Sarah McNerney fall in love and plan to get married, despite opposition from Sarah’s uptight, rich family. When they do get married, and get a chance to prove Sarah’s family wrong, they go on a European honeymoon and run into disaster after disaster. They have to decide whether the honeymoon from hell and a few pre-marital mistakes are worth throwing away their love and marriage.

One comment

  • Just Married is a pleasant and amusing comedy which relies mainly on Brittany Murphy’s looks and Ashton Kutcher’s goofy persona to make it work. The premise is a decent one, but it’s kind of thin and all done before.

    Kutcher’s a blue collar guy who works at a radio station and gives traffic reports during the graveyard shift. His favorite things in life are hamburgers and the Los Angeles Dodgers, though he sounds like he would have been at home in Ebbets Field back in the day. He keeps meeting Murphy first at an airport and then they have a series of coincidental meetings that might have dampened anyone’s enthusiasm. But the old chemistry gets to working and they’re in love.

    She’s also rich and one of the things that father David Rasche owns is a piece of the Dodgers. But he’s not crazy about his new prospective son-in-law and neither is her brother Thad Luckenbilll. They had in mind Christian Kane, a yuppie from the proper background who didn’t move fast enough to close the deal with Murphy. Never mind that, he’s not defeated yet.

    Kutcher and Murphy are wedded and then go on the honeymoon from hell starting at the Alps and ending in Venice. The two of them, especially with their different backgrounds take a lot of getting used to each other and forgiving past situations.

    For me it was hard to believe that the 20 something beautiful Brittany Murphy (R.I.P.) is already among the departed. She and Kutcher were an item during the making of Just Married so their scenes take on a special poignancy now.

    As for Ashton, he could be the son of Michael Kelso his good looking, but clueless character from That Seventies Show. He’s goofy and funny in his way, but he shouldn’t be one to carry an entire film.

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