Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
  • Time: 105 min
  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
  • Cast: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake


Follow a week in the life of a young folk singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Guitar in tow, huddled against the unforgiving New York winter, he is struggling to make it as a musician against seemingly insurmountable obstacles — some of them of his own making.


  • (Rating: 4 S / 5) Judging by the official poster (with permission from Bo Diddley, who says we should not judge that way), one can say that “Inside Llewyn Davis” intends to step on the tile of Bob Dylan or the album “The Freewhelin’ Bob Dylan”; and the fall-winter of the film along with the protagonist’s jacket confirms it . Even if you thought Justin Timberlake is shown here to give a Pop flavor (more melody or rhythm than acoustic), you are wrong: the presence of the ex-NSync is nominal, and is responsible for one of the top songs of the folk of this production, “Please Mr Kennedy”

    This new film by the Coen brothers want to portray the life of a singer struggling for the fame. He goes through many obstacles (or adventures , you can give the name that pleases you) as if it were a man aimlessly wandering the routes, which is the classic posture of a boy of folk. Actually, this protagonist has no home and sleeps in the home of his friends, or in some convenient places of the street, does not have money but lives day-to-day and during the film only get into trouble, some more serious than others but generally marked by the existentialist tone: the cat that always disappears, the revelation that he is the father and has the ability to see his son (an option that Llewyn can not take advantage because it is in a car that does not belong, when you see the film will understand). He can survive economically with the Navy, but that resource may disappear. All barriers can only lead to the same place where it was once: the New York cold / autumn of 60s, with the “dylan” jacket, and the Dave Van Ronk dew in the story

    While the story is a monumental achievement of depression, the Coen brothers channeled it outstanding with their directorial style. Not only camera tricks culminating points of dazzle like the reflection of a cat in the window of the train after a few scenes, but from the trip in the car where the directors of the film create an accurate route atmosphereand, cold, solitude and empty, darkness… and existentialism. Is repeated the pattern of the Coen Brothers with bizarre or disturbingly expressionless characters. John Goodman appears, which lacks the jokes of “The Big Lebowski” so his histrionics is more evident. The only discord is Carey Mulligan , which will provide the most hateful dialogues and becomes too hostile against the protagonist, at least until the final minutes where she humanizes

    But “Inside Llewyn Davis” is a movie for a select circle. The metaphor is inaccessible, or may not have. What is we take from this? The film does not works as a metaphor for fame, as everything is a loss for the protagonist. Nor is it a story of friendship, not Llewyn has a friend with whom to interact, although the script manages to give a cat, in which the protagonist does some juggling. Plus, the Oscar Issac’s character, which is a very good actor here but the dialogues of the film does not provide a more intimate substance or even a little humor , so that ultimately the viewer is more interested in the movie itself and is less interested in the fate of this man. But the question remains: What is we take from this?

    As for the soundtrack, is very good but not perfect (read this review of the CD here), but provides the necessary warmth. Justin Timberlake brings a few minutes. In short, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is very good, but lacks a touch that adjusted to be less tight in his intentions . Perhaps , this could be the fate of a man, with talent, could not overcome the cold realism of the Major labes: like thousands, will become a particle versus the successful men, an anecdote. In that case, “Inside Llewyn Davis” is the anecdote about a man in Greenwich Village, just before the arrival of Bob Dylan to that place

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  • Llewyn Davis is a struggling folk singer whose singing partner recently died. He has no home and gets by by sleeping on the couches and beds of friends.

    Throughout the movie we see the self destructive side of Llewyn. He is a musician with artistic integrity, he is trying to find his place in the industry. Llewyn is the symbol of every struggling artist who chooses art over money, he wants to do it his way.

    The genius of this movie comes in its beginning and end, the Coen brothers excellently give the audience déjà vu. The excellence in this is its delivery. At the start, a lot is unexplained almost as if to say Llewyn is a victim. At the end, the scene is explained and we come to understand that Llewyn can be the creator of his own faith. This is a powerful message that the brothers are sending to the world, it says we are the makers of our own faith.

    I loved this movie in every way. The performances were strong from support to lead and in Oscar Isaac the Coen brothers have given the world a gem. It is a movie you can watch again and again and for me, the movie of 2014.

  • Inside Llewyn Davis is about a week in the life of a young singer, Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), as he attempts to get signed as a folk singer. I’m a big fan of the Coen Brothers and The Big Lebowski and Fargo are two of my favourite films. They’re very good at situational films and this is no exception.


    One of the shock snubs for the Oscars and I can see why it was a shock. For me the Coen Brothers have not been at their best lately, with A Serious Man being one of the worst films I’ve seen from them, however this film brings them right back on track. What I love about the Coen Brothers, is they are able to make a film with no real story. It feels like we’re just watching a snippet of someone’s life. I’m not into my folk music much, however they manage to bring out my love in it.

    The music is fantastic and makes you feel like you can see into their souls (you know without me getting too deep). As for the actors, other than Oscar Isaac, they all had…
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