Identity Thief (2013)

Identity Thief (2013)
  • Time: 112 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Seth Gordon
  • Cast: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet


Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) gets a nice call confirming his name and other identifying information. The next thing he knows, a spa in Florida is reminding him of his appointment, and his credit cards are maxed out. With his identity stolen, Sandy leaves his wife, kids and job to literally bring the thief to justice in Colorado. But keeping tabs on the other Sandy (Melissa McCarthy) and run-ins with bounty hunters, is harder than he was expecting, and ultimately the cross-country trip is going to find both Sandys learning life tips from one another.


  • The story is ok, but you will not be rolling on the floor laughing. The acting was good: there was a funny chemistry between Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. I liked the trailer, but it shows the only funny parts that are in the movie. So I was somewhat disappointed after all. “Identity Thief” has his good moments, but also his bad moments, so I cannot recommend it. Also I think that two hours is too long for this kind of story…

  • Here we have a film that has been getting a lot of hatred from a lot of people. Despite that Identity Thief does what it’s meant to do as a comedy and entertains you.

    Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is living it up in the outskirts of Miami, buying anything she desires, money isn’t a problem, well it kind of is because she’s an identity thief. Things start to get complicated when Diana steals the identity of an accounts rep Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman). When Sandy finds out he plans with the local police department to go and find her and bring her back for a full confession in hope to get his life back on track. However it’s not as simple as Sandy thinks.

    The film is both funny and entertaining, I was expecting a film filed with slapstick humour but was surprised to see that there was actually a proper plot and the slapstick humour was kept to a minimum.

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