I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

I Spit on Your Grave (2010)
  • Time: 108 min
  • Genre: Crime | Horror | Thriller
  • Director: Steven R. Monroe
  • Cast: Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson, Chad Lindberg, Andrew Howard


The writer Jennifer Hills rents an isolated lakeside cabin in the woods of the peaceful Mockingbird Trail for two months to write a novel. Two days later, she is brutally gang raped by three local bigots, the sheriff and a handyman. Jennifer returns later to revenge against the rapists.

One comment

  • “You know what they do to horses that can’t be tamed, Johnny? They geld them.”

    In the run-up to “I Spit on Your Grave II”, I sat myself down and watch this one first. I’m not sure I’m going to watch the second part after this experience. In my opinion it’s not really a horror film. It is rather a revenge movie visualized in a very explicit and confrontational manner. This film is a remake of the original film from 1978, which I have never seen and so I can’t make a comparison of this remake and conclude if it was a successful remake or not.

    The first part of the movie is awful and hard to get through. They could have made the whole rape scene a bit shorter. But it would be a very short movie if they did that because it eventually covers just two facets: the rape and the revenge. And in the revenge part she had those hilly-billy’s literally and figuratively by the balls. The first part was so violent and to sickening for words. The humiliations were inhuman. The panicky feeling and anguish she endured was screaming from the screen. I felt a vicarious shame all the time.

    Why would someone still watch this movie until the end ? Because you know how it will end, and you can’t wait until those bastards get tit for tat. And most preferably in the most brutal, ruthless and sadistic manner. And this movie fully succeeds in that. Several times I was looking at it with a “Hehehehe suits you right, you scumbag”-feeling. There were fairly inventive revenge moments that nicely matched in line with what the person did during the raping : peeking/filming, immersing in water, the teeth-provocation and anal rape. They all underwent the same. One more brutal and painfully as the other. I even had no sympathy for Matthew despite he was mentally retarded. And actually there were a few who were treated to softly. Suffering a bit more wouldn’t be that bad !

    This is such a movie where it sounds tremendously weird and inappropriate when you would say “I’ve enjoyed it and it was a good entertaining film …”


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