Holy Man (1998)

Holy Man (1998)
  • Time: 114 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
  • Director: Stephen Herek
  • Cast: Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Preston


Ricky Hayman, right hand of Good Buy Shopping Network’s owner John McBainbridge, is responsible for over two years of very bad sales numbers. He gets a last chance. Accidentally, he and Kate Newell nearly run over G with his car and decide to take him with them. What they never could guess was that G really is the one good man around. Being on the search for enlightenment, G offers his help generously to save Ricky’s job. His natural, uncontrollable behaviour soon gets Ricky into really big trouble, but the sales numbers now go up for the first time in months…

One comment

  • Eddie Murphy saved this movie from total disaster. At the beginning, Holy Man was so dry that I almost stopped watching it. Then, Eddie Murphy came on and made his entrance on the highway. Murphy single-handidly got me interested in seeing this movie through until the end. Jeff Goldblum surely couldn’t have carried this film by himself even with the help of co-stars Kelly Preston, Jon Cryer, and Robert Loggia. Holy Man was the story of a man who called himself “G” who came to save a Home Shopping Network from financial ruins. “G” had a lot of great one-liners in this film that made me laugh hysterically. What disappointed me the most about Holy Man was the fact that “G” didn’t come across as a messenger from god. I think if that were added toward the end I would have found Holy Man it bit more believable. I enjoyed the blossoming romance between Goldblum and Preston. Believe it or not, Holy Man actually had a lot of interesting messages; everyone who watches this should listen to and think about. Even though it was a mediocre film, it delivered a heart-felt, and inspirational message to all audiences; which is, never take for granted what is right in front of you. Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, and Kelly Preston give it their best shot to save this film and they barely make it for their efforts.

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