Hollywood Homicide (2003)

Hollywood Homicide (2003)
  • Time: 111 min
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
  • Director: Ron Shelton
  • Cast: Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Lena Olin


Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford) and his new partner K. C. Calden (Josh Hartnett), are detectives on the beat in Tinseltown. Neither one of them really wants to be a cop, Gavilan moonlights as a real estate broker, and Calden is an aspiring actor moonlighting as a yoga instructor. When the two are assigned a big case they must work out whether they want to solve the case or follow their hearts.

One comment

  • Harrison Ford did the best he could with the script for this film. It sort of wandered around the various familiar Hollywood plot themes, taking a bit of material from all of them. I suppose this was an attempt at satire and inside Hollywood jokes; references that sadly went over my head.

    The bright spots in the film were when Harrison could be his charming rascal self. The dull points were when the all the cameo appearances got in the way of progress. I kept trying to identify these somewhat familiar faces instead of following the plot. Hollywood has a new atrocity to inflict on the audience, cameo placement to take its place alongside product placement.

    Josh Hartnett did an adequate job with the script. I couldn’t see all the chemistry between him and Harrison Ford that other comments mention. In fact, I can’t remember any chemistry in the whole film. None of the love interests for the two leads seemed at all convincing.

    There were some interesting moments in this film when the television news business was satirized as four competing news helicopters dueled for the best camera angles of the over-the-top car chase and rooftop shootout.

    The tongue-in-cheek references to actors between Harrison and Josh were sort of interesting. Here the two actors could ham it up as outsiders trying to evaluate becoming an actor. Josh was kind of funny in his pathetic performance as an aspiring actor in a stage play.

    The plot for this film is at the level of a porn film. Just a thin pretext to throw our characters into the next supposedly fascinating situation. Oh well, I only rented the DVD. I feel no huge need to get a personal copy to view this film again.

    Bottom Line: Harrison Ford was interesting to watch. Everything else was mostly filler.

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