Hitch (2005)

  • Time: 118 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
  • Director: Andy Tennant
  • Cast: Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James


Alex Hitchens, better known as Hitch, is the date doctor. His latest project, Albert Brenneman, is a nerdy financial consultant who fell in love with the famous Allegra Cole. While Hitch helps Albert with his love life, he struggles with is own. He starts falling for work-a-holic, Sarah Melas. After boyfriend problems with her best friend, Sarah labels Hitch with a reputation that he didn’t deserve. Hitch proves his love & goes to great lengths to win a love of his own.


  • Hitch is a good film for a night in with the boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife but does not really have much allure if you do not fall within this category. Indeed prior to watching Hitch I knew that I was not the kind of individual that this film was aiming to please, so in this respect it may not come as a surprise that after the initial beginning I struggled to keep focused on proceedings.

    The film does have a certain appeal with Will Smith using his natural charisma as Alex Hitchens to provide helpful advice to his fellow men desperate to get the girl of their dreams. Plus there are some interesting figures and remarks on the world of dating.

    However, there are only a few funny moments, a few giggles which is a shame because this may have been the key ingredient to maintain viewers whose interest was waning. I must mention Eva Mendes who looks stunning and performs well if not quite up to the efforts of Will Smith.

    ‘Hitch’ just wasn’t for me, it is well made (production design etc) but quite simply I am not the target audience. It was okay to watch, enjoyable at times but it seemed a bit of an effort to get through.

  • We’ve seen this plot before many times, but seldom this creatively. The dialog in this film is well above average, as are the set-ups for the “geeks” that Hitch (Smith) consuls with meeting the girls of their dreams. How come no women in the film seem need his services? Maybe because they’re all fashion models? This film would have been just another “chick flick” if not for the wonderful physical comedy of Kevin James as Albert Brenneman, a smart but gawky lawyer who is smitten with an Uma Thurman look alike. If they ever do a feature film about Abbott & Costello, Kevin James really should be cast as Lou Costello.

    The major attraction of this film is the chemistry between Smith and James, not Smith and Mendes. That interaction is pretty ho-hum and almost incidental to the story. One of the most memorable scenes is the initial meeting between Hitch and Brenneman, when Hitch is “observing” him eating lunch. Very funny. Fortunately, the director must have realized this, so there are numerous others.

    I laughed frequently during this light hearted romantic comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Lots of story flaws and some sloppy character development of course, but I left the theater feeling good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often.

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