Girls Trip (2017)

  • Time: 122 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Malcolm D. Lee
  • Cast: Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall


When four lifelong friends travel to New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival, sisterhoods are rekindled, wild sides are rediscovered, and there’s enough dancing, drinking, brawling, and romancing to make the Big Easy blush.


  • Tiffany Haddish. Remember the name. Best known for her work in Keanu and television’s The Carmichael Show, Haddish is sure to break through big time with her unforgettable, sure to be star-making turn in Girls Trip, an absolutely uproarious comedy that not only maintains the laughs from the first second to the last, but also crafts a strong portrait of sisterhood.

    As with this year’s Rough Night, Girls Trip concerns a quartet of longtime friends known as the Flossy Posse who were once inseparable but whose paths have diverged over the years. There’s Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall) who, with her successful career as a best-selling self-help author and media-perfect marriage to retired NFL player Stewart (Mike Colter), is poised to be the second coming of Oprah. Former journalist turned gossip blogger Sasha (Queen Latifah), meanwhile, is keeping up appearances despite the fact that she may lose her backer if she doesn’t come up with some juicy scoops. Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) has gone from party girl to nurse and over-nurturing mother of two, whilst Dina (Haddish) is the live wire of the group, aggressively sexual, fiercely protective, and extremely hilarious.

    Since Regina is set to be a keynote speaker at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, she decides that would be the perfect opportunity to gather everyone together for a girls weekend and also to hopefully mend fences with Sasha with whom she had a falling out several years prior. Despite the tensions, it’s abundantly clear that everyone is ride or die for one another. Though screenwriters Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver deliver one hilarious situation after another, they also nurture the film’s emotional beats and craft relatable, multi-dimensional characters that are brought to even more life by the four leading ladies.

    From Regina weathering blows to her perfect image to Lisa getting her freak on and her groove back, Girls Trip is a tribute not only to the strength of female friendship but also to the many different dimensions of being a woman. The film doesn’t necessarily break any new ground but, unlike Rough Night or any of the recent spate of girls-behaving-badly comedies, Girls Trip breathes such energy into its oft-told tale that it reinvigorates the genre. It is also arguably as funny, if not even more so, than all recent films of that ilk combined. The baseline is laugh out loud, and there’s a good chance one might crack a rib or three.

    Of the multitude of jokes, visual and otherwise, the highlights have to be Dina’s vigorous demonstration of “grapefruiting” and the golden showers that hit a Bourbon Street crowd, both of which may be the the most rib-crackingly funny things one will ever see in one’s lifetime. Then there is Haddish, who just goes full-throttle in each scene and is the source for the film’s most outrageous and vulgar jokes. She is an unstoppable ball of fire, and one can only hope that she gets more opportunities to display her impressive comic talents.

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  • “Girl, you can’t get no infection in your booty hole! It’s a booty hole”. That’s just one of the quotes from 2017’s Girls Trip (my latest review). In it, Tiffany Haddish plays the fool-mouthed Dina. Dina is truly an iconic character and probably the reason “Trip” has become such a big box office hit. Like Kathryn Hahn in last year’s Bad Moms, Haddish proves that women can be just as perverse as any strapping male counterpart.

    Now based on her spitfire performance involving dry humping and psychotic malaise, you wonder if Tiffany is either a darn good actress or just playing herself. After seeing Haddish talk in interviews with Jimmy Kimmel and such, I’m gonna have to go with the latter.

    Directed with pedestrian solace by Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man Holiday, Scary Movie 5) and distributed by Universal Pictures, Girls Trip is about four best friends who get together for a weekend in The Big Easy. Basically, “Trip” is like Bridesmaids, New Orleans style!

    Girls Trip, with its behind closed doors girl talk and its unrealistic consumption of trouper alcohol intake, isn’t as humorous as Bridesmaids. However, “Trip” is definitely more established than stuff like Rough Night and 2012’s Bachelorette. It’s the quintessential (gross) chick flick that only groups of tight- knit females would flock to. That means no dudes allowed. Ha!

    Anyway, Girls Trip is a hit-or-miss farce that throws everything at you but the kitchen sink. Yup, it’s pretty raunchy stuff. “Trip” gives the audience full frontal nudity, projectile urine, multiple penis references, and a scene in which a woman performs simulated fellatio using a banana and a grapefruit. Oh yeah, you can also throw in drug use, drug references, fierce sexual innuendo, and surprisingly violent cat-fights as well. So anyhow, you know the term ladylike? Well “Trip” leaves that term happily by the wayside.

    All in all, Girls Trip clocks in at just over two hours. Improvised with a clunky script while using the Essence Music Festival as a taunt, product placement, the film meanders and wanders without so much as a meaningful plot. The last quarter of “Trip” is where things start to settle down. A mild drama arises with an actual story of friendship, infidelity, and lost relationships coming about. Still, Girls Trip is billed as a nasty comedy for most of the way. And while it does have a couple of truly outrageous moments, it tries too hard for a laugh as it fiercely coerces some dramatization with the funny. My rating: 2 and a half stars.

    Rating: 2.5 out of 4 stars

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  • (RATING: ☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars)

    GRADE: B


    JIM’S REVIEW: A  best-selling author, a gossip columnist, a sex-starved divorcee, and a loud raucous friend reunite with hopes of rekindling their friendships in the highly successful and profitable Girls Trip. The comedy was critically acclaimed, with talk of possible Oscar nominations, which never materialized (nor should it had).

    The film provides many laugh-out-loud moments and it is a raunchy time, but hardly original. Too often the movie follows its well worn formula with various results, all of which are predictable fare. Much will depend on your liberal sense of humor due to many of the R-rated situations and dialog. The film is capably directed by Malcolm D. Lee and the screenplay by Kenya Barris and Tracy Oliver keeps the comic interludes coming at a fast pace.

    The obvious plot revolves around a hard-working nurse and mother who does not have much of a social life and an Oprah wannabe who is much too accepting of her philandering husband’s escapades with his gorgeous mistress. This irritates their other girlfriends who decide to join forces in an effort of unitarity and sisterhood and bond on a trip to New Orleans where, of course, they meet many studs and have sex along the way.

    The actress all have their memorable moments. Queen Latifah is the solid dependable friend, Regina King brings the drama, Jada Pinkett Smith morphs from typical wallflower to beautiful butterfly, but it is newcomer Tiffany Haddish who steals the show with her outrageous hi-jinks and line delivery (much as Melissa McCartney did in Bridesmaids…a better film with the same “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” premise.)

    Girls Trip is just that…fun, nothing more.

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